While other TV shows are trying to spice things up with some flash-forward time jumps, Bones has opted to rewind all the way back to Booth and Brennan’s first-tag team assignment for the series’ 100th episode. But it’s more than a trip down memory lane, according to Bones creator Hart Hanson, who told Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello about the potentially hilarious chapter.

Sounds good? Don’t get your hopes up just yet since this blast from the past storyline hasn’t been written yet, much less written in stone. On the other hand, I’m guessing that there’s a huge possibility the writers are going in with this direction since Hanson is already hinting about it. “It’s in the bin of ideas for the 100th episode, but it’s a big bin!” Hanson jokes.

“We alluded in the pilot,” Hanson reminds, “that the first time they worked together — the time before the pilot — that it went very badly. They had a terrible time. So it would be really fun to do a flashback episode.”

I’m normally not a fan of flashback episodes simply because it spoils the fun out of the anticipation of watching a new episode. It gets even worse as one character says “remember when…” while the screen fades into a montage of clips that you’ve already seen before. Perhaps that would make more sense for someone who hasn’t seen the show but I’m confident that the people behind Bones know better. I’m even more optimistic because Bones‘ 100th episode is also the episode being directed by lead star David Boreanaz. That alone should get you all excited.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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