The way I see it, it’s as if Sara Sidle never really left.

I mean, she left in the eighth, showed up on the ninth, and is sort of returning to the team for the tenth, which starts tonight, right?  Then again, there are a lot of questions now that Sara’s back on CSI.  You know, stuff about her reasons for her return, or what she’s been up to in between her first departure, her Costa Rican gig, and her return.  Or whether something’s happened between her and Grissom.

If you spotted that bit online where someone pointed out that Sara’s wearing a ring in one of the promos, well, that might be your answer.  (Update: She did get married. Say hello to Sara Grissom for me, will you?)

This season sees the CSI cast settle down a bit, after last season’s really tumultuous run–one leaves, two arrive, one leaves again.  With Langston settling down to his role as a crime investigator rather than a professor, and everyone else getting reused to the dynamic, it’s going to be interesting how things turn out.

We’re on the tenth season, and tonight, the team–finally no longer undermanned–investigates the death of a young actress.  It’s a car accident, supposedly, but the crash doesn’t add up, and in usual CSI fashion, something else happens to be the case.  That, and Nick getting a promotion, tonight from 9pm on CBS.  The photos are right here, as always.

Still, we are left with all these questions.  Or in the case of Langston, doubts.  Let’s see how this batch of episodes pan out.

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV