Last week, we had a discussion about the Morgan and Garcia relationship, so this week, we are counting down the best moments between this dynamic duo.

Here are our top ten best Morgan and Garcia episodes:

#10 ‘He was alive’ – from ‘Exit Wounds’ (Episode 5.21)

Morgan comforts Garcia in Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 21

Why it was great: Morgan comforts Garcia after she sees a victim die right in front of her. This scene shows that Garcia sees things differently from the rest of the team and that she and Morgan always turn to one another in times of crisis.

#9 ‘Good Morning, Princess’ – from ‘Lucky’ (Episode 3.08)

Good Morning Princess

Why it was great: Morgan warned Garcia that the ‘smoking hot’ guy she just met, might be too good to be true. Aside from revealing their morning routine, all the little touches in this scene show a level of physical intimacy between these two.

#8 ‘I’m not involved’ – from ‘Hopeless’ (Episode 5.04)

Criminal Minds 'Hopeless'

Why it was great: Garcia saw that Morgan was reaching out to the sister of a victim in their case and she warned him not to get involved. This scene shows that Garcia can be the voice of reason when Morgan gets in over his head.

#7 ‘My hero’ – from ‘True Night’ (Episode 3.10)

Criminal Minds 'True Night'

Why it was great: On her return to work, Garcia’s chair was all out-of-whack and Morgan played her knight in shining armor. This scene shows the adorable banter between these two and how easily they can shift back into it, even after all the tension from Garcia’s shooting.

#6 ‘You suck’ – from ‘Lucky’ (Episode 3.08)

Criminal Minds Lucky

Why it was great: Garcia was angry that Morgan did not think a good-looking guy would ask her out and she told him off. This was one of the only times we saw Morgan and Garcia fight and it shows how everything feels off when these two are not getting along. It also had a real-life feel, in that even the best of friends can have misunderstandings.

#5 ‘Woman, you have lost your mind, but you are the best’ – from ‘The Eyes Have It’ (Episode 5.06)

Why it was great: Garcia set up a brand-new office for Morgan, who had become the team’s acting unit chief. She even put her own little Garcia-touches on it, allowing Morgan to feel comfortable as he settled into his new position on the team. This scene shows how well Garcia understands Morgan and how she will always make sure he is okay.

#4 ‘You need to go OG, original Garcia’ – from ‘Compromising Positions’ (Episode 6.04)

Criminal Minds 'Compromising Positions'

Why it was great: Garcia tried to fill JJ’s shoes and got overwhelmed, so Morgan calmed her down by telling her to just be herself. This scene shows the ease of their friendship and how that translates into their working relationship. It also shows that not only does Morgan accept Garcia for exactly who she is, but those traits are why he adores her.

#3 ‘God-given solace’ – from ‘Mayhem’ (Episode 4.01)

'Criminal Minds' Top 10: The 10 Best Morgan and Garcia Moments

Why it was great: Morgan was trying to ditch an about-to-explode bomb somewhere it would not harm anyone and Garcia gave him directions over the phone. After the explosion, Morgan told Garcia that she is his ‘God-given solace’ and asked her to never stop talking to him. This scene shows how well these two work together, as well as how much they mean to each other.

#2 ‘You see the beauty in everything and everyone’ – from ‘Exit Wounds’ (Episode 5.21)

Criminal Minds 'Exit Wounds'

Why it was great: Garcia opens up to Morgan about her fear that her job will make her lose who she is and Morgan assures her that will never happen. This scene just shows how well these two understand each other and that they will support each other through everything.

#1 ‘Hey Silly Girl’ – from ‘Penelope’ (Episode 3.09)

Criminal Minds 'Penelope'

Why it was great: After three years of snarky conversations and constant flirtation, Morgan and Garcia finally took things to the next level. Morgan said he would be by her side until they found her attacker and the duo exchanged those three magic words, along with their trademark flirtatious banter. This is, in my opinion, the quintessential Morgan/Garcia scene.

Did you agree with our list of best Garcia and Morgan episodes? Which was your favorite? Would you rank any of these among the best criminal minds episodes?

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