Last week, I talked about the strong connection between Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) and Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson). In this slideshow, I count down the best moments between these two characters.

#10 Prentiss and Hotch pulled one over on the UnSub (“Bloodline”)

Hotch and Prentiss played a little game of good cop/bad cop in order to get the UnSub talking. Hotch took on the role of bad cop, while Prentiss empathized with the woman in order to make her open up. This moment stood out because it showed how well Prentiss and Hotch worked together and played off one another.

#9 Prentiss asked Hotch if the team would look into her friend’s death ("Demonology")

Prentiss went to Hotch with her suspicion that her friend might have been murdered and Hotch agreed to take a look at the case. This scene showed that Hotch trusted Emily’s judgment enough to believe that her suspicions could be right.

#8 Prentiss introduced herself to Hotch on her first day ("The Last Word")

In their first scene, we learned that Hotch and Prentiss may have had a passing acquaintance because Hotch once worked for Emily’s mother. Hotch was surprised when Emily told him she had been assigned to the BAU, since he had not approved her transfer. This moment was memorable because it was their first scene together and it gave us a glimpse into their prior connection.

#7 Hotch was suspicious of Prentiss ("Sex, Birth, Death")

Hotch confronted Prentiss about her reason for being on the team, suspecting she might have a political agenda. Prentiss explained her very negative view on politics and asked to get back to work. This moment stood out because it gave us more insight into Prentiss and showed that Hotch was still very mistrustful of her, despite the fact that she had done good work with the team.

#6 Prentiss spoke to Hotch about Jordan ("52 Pickup")

Prentiss asked Hotch what was going on with temporary team member Jordan. Prentiss pointed out that the only way Jordan could prove herself was if Hotch gave her the opportunity to do so. This moment stood out because Prentiss felt comfortable enough in her working relationship with Hotch to confront him about his attitude toward their newest agent.

#5 Hotch told Prentiss she would have a bad day ("Unknown Subject")

Hotch thought Prentiss had been over-compensating since her return, possibly to avoid dealing with the recent trauma she had experienced and he made her promise to tell him when the inevitable ‘bad day’ arrived. This scene showed how deeply Hotch cares for Emily and how he understood what she was going through.

Hotch told Prentiss she would have a bad day ("Unknown Subject")

#4 Prentiss said she belonged on the team ("The Last Word")

Prentiss used her profiling skills to convince Hotch that she earned her assignment to the BAU, regardless of what the paperwork said. This scene stood out because Emily fought to get a position on the team and Hotch gave her a chance.

#3 Prentiss told Hotch that he was not alone ("Haunted")

Prentiss drove Hotch home after his first day back on the job and let him know that the team supported him. This was a memorable moment because it showed that Emily knew exactly how to read Hotch and let him know that his friends were there for him.

#2 Emily gave Hotch some advice ("Painless")

Hotch told Emily about Jack being bullied in school and she said Hotch could show Jack he did not have to face his problems alone. Hotch then asked Emily how she spent her time away from the team and Emily said she played a lot of online Scrabble. This moment stood out because it showed the way these two confide in one another about their personal lives and how concerned they are about what the other person is going through.

#1 Hotch brought Prentiss back in ("In Birth and Death")

Hotch realized Emily wanted to leave the unit because she was asked to inform on Hotch, but she chose to quit instead. Hotch asked her to come with him and help the team with their latest case. This scene was memorable because Hotch figured out what was going on with Emily and it solidified his belief that she belonged on the team.

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