In recent articles, we’ve highlighted the best scenes for both of these characters. Here are my picks for the best scenes between agents Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) and Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness).

#10 You’re a genius (“A Real Rain”)

Hotch called Garcia for information about the victims in their case and she managed to find a pattern to connect them all. This scene stood out because Hotch praised Garcia for her skills and Garcia made him smile, which was a feat unto itself and an all-too-rare occurrence.

#9 Hotch confronted Garcia (“Penelope”)

An encrypted file was found on Garcia’s computer and Hotch had to ask her for the password and tell her she had been suspended until things were cleared up, all while Garcia was still recovering in the hospital. This scene was memorable because Hotch was clearly uncomfortable questioning the trust he placed in one of his people but it was his job as team leader and as hurt as she was, Garcia understood that.

Hotch confronted Garcia (“Penelope”)

#8 You’re one of the exceptions (“52 Pickup”)

Hotch asked Garcia to send Reid information on Viper’s methods for picking up women and Garcia asked him if the whole jerk thing actually worked on some women, since she found it completely distasteful. Hotch pointed out that Garcia was unique on that front and she returned the sentiment. This scene was memorable simply because it was cute and the mutual acknowledgment of each agent being ‘one of the good ones’ was incredibly sweet.

#7 Garcia tried to get Hotch back on the job (“In Birth and Death”)

After learning that Hotch was planning to transfer, Garcia came to him with the file for a case the team was working on, claiming JJ (A.J. Cook) asked Garcia to give it to him. As Hotch later discovered, JJ did no such thing and Garcia merely acted on her own to try and keep Hotch with the unit. This scene stood out because it showed how vital Garcia thought Hotch was to the team and how she was willing to bend the rules to keep him around.

#6 Hotch gave Garcia a chance (“Compromising Positions”)

Garcia came prepared to travel with the team and handle JJ’s responsibilities while the team was one man short. Garcia’s passionate plea got through to Hotch and he agreed to it on a trial basis. This moment stood out because Hotch was moved enough by Garcia’s argument to let her take on several tasks for which she had no experience.

#5 Hotch asked Garcia to go in front of the cameras (“Reflection of Desire”)

In an attempt to get the UnSub to come out in the open, Hotch wanted Garcia to speak to the press about the UnSub’s latest victim because Garcia could best re-create a look the UnSub was familiar with. Garcia was terrified about being in front of the cameras but Hotch had faith in her abilities. This scene stood out because it showed that Hotch relied on Garcia for more than just her tech skills and Garcia was adorable when she got angry with Hotch for revealing her theater work to the rest of the team.

Hotch asked Garcia to go in front of the cameras (“Reflection of Desire”)

#4 Hotch thanked Garcia for her interference (“In Birth and Death”)

While Garcia got him information for the case, Hotch told her that the glitches in transfers and resignations needed to stop, but thanked her for stepping in and keeping the team together. This was a great moment because it showed that Hotch realized what Garcia was doing and while he had to make sure it did not continue, he was grateful for her help in making sure the team stayed together.

#3 Is this Reid? (“Charm and Harm”)

Hotch impressed Garcia with his knowledge on daily drowning statistics and Garcia teased that he had been doing his research. This moment was memorable because the agents were so comfortable joking around with one another and it was probably the only time Garcia called Hotch by his first name.

#2 Garcia and Hotch came up with a compromise (“Compromising Positions”)

Garcia was relieved when Hotch told her she was needed more in her own element rather than handling JJ’s responsibilities and they agreed to split up the work so Garcia would handle everything at Quantico and the team would take care of things in the field. Hotch then said he always knew Garcia was unique and he would never want her to change. This moment was special because it showed that, as long as she tried her best, Garcia could never let Hotch down.

#1 Hotch expressed his gratitude (“House on Fire”)

After a difficult case where she was asked to profile the victims, Garcia spoke about how much it affected her to have to look at people in such a manner. Hotch thanked Garcia for her work on the case and said he never wanted her to change the fact that she always sees the good in people. This heartwarming exchange showed that Hotch recognized Garcia’s value to the team as someone who sees things differently than they do.

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