This episode of NCIS gave us not only the return of Tony’s dad, but put him in the middle of a murder case. It’s not like we really believe DiNozzo Senior might have done it, but it gives us an excuse to see Robert Wagner again.


Tony’s dad is found passed out behind the wheel of a rented Rolls Royce with a dead Naval Reservist in the trunk. What’s suspicious to me immediately is how out of it he looks. This is a guy who drinks Scotch like it’s water, and we’re supposed to believe he’d just be blacked out in a car? More than that, we’re supposed to believe that he has enough money to rent a $1500 a day luxury car, but he doesn’t have the scratch for a hotel?

Always an Angle

DiNozzo Senior wouldn’t be in town without an agenda, and this visit is no different. He was putting together a deal with said Naval Reservist and Prince Al (whose son blew up in ‘Flesh and Bone’). Unfortunately, the deal didn’t go through in time and Senior is losing his finder’s fee. Mix that with the body in the car and argument caught on surveillance and the recipe you end up with isn’t for cranberry sauce.

Stay Out of It

Since his dad’s the prime suspect (what with him being in the car with the dead body, and all), Tony is informed that his very special agent services are not required on this case. DiNozzo Junior just uses that as an excuse to play high school games with his co-workers to find out what’s going on. Of course, sonny boy is the one who cracks the case and proves his father’s innocence.

Happy Thanksgiving

A dejected Tony shows up at Gibbs’ house, complaining that his dad has skipped town yet again. After admitting to Gibbs that he loves his dad, Tony’s holiday surprise is seeing his dad emerge from the kitchen. Surprise! Daddy DiNozzo is making Thanksgiving dinner and needs Junior to do something with the giblets. Tony gets to do the dirty work. Some things never change.

This was definitely not my favorite episode of the season. Sure, I always love seeing Tony’s father harassing his son, but this set-up felt even more forced than usual. The most shocking set-up of all would be for Tony’s dad to come to town just to see his son. Let’s make some progress in that father-son relationship instead of mining the same old routine.

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