Hart of Dixie‘s homecoming weekend in Bluebell is like every other homecoming in America (except, it’s in freaking November): football, beer, crab dip, parties, and pranks. Too bad New York is the harbinger of girly evil and ruins all of this.

Gigi is as Bad as Gigli

For some reason, Homecoming weekend happens in November in Alabama/TV Land. That’s fine, because it creates a chance for old times and rivalries. Which is good because we get to see Wade, George and Lemon hang out! More on that later.

But it’s bad for new girl Zoe, who is homesick ironically. Lavon asks help throwing a party, he gets Zoe and some random New Yorker social party planner. Zoe’s friend Gigi is everything obnoxious about New York this show is projecting at me. But at the same time, she’s kind of fun; like I wanna slap her and ask her where she got her purse from.

Gigi is planning the party of the New York minute down there in Bluebell. Poor Zoe, homesick and lonely from not fitting in anywhere, allows this madness. When the party happens, I went into a coughing fit from laughter (I’m sick). It’s decked out in this like night club attire with our favorite Bluebell residents (shout out to Shelley!). The place is a nightmare for Lavon, Zoe feels guilty and used.

Meanwhile, Gigi–her bestest friend evah–has slept with Judson the veterinarian, one of Zoe’s actual suitors. Tough break, Zoe. Now break Gigi! Rachel Bilson totally would have gotten to do that if she were still Summer Roberts and had rage issues. But all is thankfully forgiven (except Gigi’s sluttiness) because Zoe is kind of awesome. She’s also in limbo between fitting in New York and Bluebell.

A Little B & E

The greatest part about this episode? The Wade-George-Lemon friendship. The Wade and George bromance is quietly establishing itself of late, marking a nice bromance reminiscent of the beginnings of Troy and Abed (Community reference!). So in this episode it is nice to establish that these people have known each other for a long time.

Also, I am comparing this to another Josh Schwartz show–Gossip Girl. I’ve always thought of Lemon as essentially a Southern Blair Waldorf grown up. A former schemer, she plans on getting married to one man but is also in love with another, she wears ridiculous clothing. Somehow, she’s strangely likable. Granted no one can compare to Leighton Meester’s Waldorf, but I like the small comparisons I see. Speaking of, what was with the old Cobra Starship song during the party? Another shout out to Meester?!

Anyway, Lemon concocts a semi-brilliant-if-not-for-exhausted scheme to dye the old abusive footballer’s skin blue. He was vain in high school so he must be vain now. So they break and enter into his hotel room–equipped with ski masks (where would you buy those hats in Alabama?)– to watch the results. Turns out, the guy was so shocked he tripped and hurt his head.

Lemon decides she can’t be reckless anymore and wants to be an adult: which means she will work to deserve George (I’m scratching my head too) and she can’t be around Lavon.

Second Helpings

Last week, I complained at how this show isn’t quite original. I stand by that. This show needs to have less traditional Southern things and make Bluebell a character itself. I was excited about Homecoming Weekend if only for some unique Bluebell character, so when that didn’t come I was disappointed. I did really like the episode though–mainly because of the Wade-George-Lemon plot.


“I still think number six is doable; all we need is a helicopter and a tiny monkey.” Wade is clearly not a schemer.

“It’s like Friday Night Lights without the depressing parts” Zoe’s friend Gigi. Friday Night Lights was not depressing–just a great piece of television.

“They don’t like my New York flag. They don’t even like my shorts.” It’s okay Zoe. Neither does anyone else! Meta, meta!

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