I don’t know about you guys, but I am having a really hard time waiting for Christmas. And it doesn’t help that there’s pretty much nothing on TV this week except reruns. How are we supposed to pass the time? Well, in anticipation, Meghan Carlson and I will provide you with a daily collection of awesome, heartwarming things to watch on the internet.

Mondays are hard enough, so here’s a way to start the week off right: 5 videos of kids getting puppies for Christmas! Get ready for your heart to grow three sizes. Warning: you may get teary-eyed.

#1 Snickers This video might be my favorite one. It brings out feelings I never knew I had. I like how polite the children are, and how cute the puppy is. The big thing with giving puppies for Christmas seems to be an accompanying note/letter from Santa.

#2  Maggie In this note, Santa wants the kids to know that Christmas miracles can happen! By the way, this is a great way to do a Christmas puppy reveal. Later on in the video, one of the kids says, “Mommy, this is my favorite dog I’ve ever seen!”

#3  Timothy In this video, the kids are a little more subdued but so cute in their matching pajamas. And look at this puppy! The parents didn’t deal with a note or trying to explain that Santa got them a puppy. My favorite part is in the explanation of how the puppy got there around 2:20 (“you guys left us here?”).

#4  Patrick’s Puppy Props to the parents on this awesome reveal, and to this kid for having the confidence to do Christmas in just his boxers. Patrick, the recipient of the puppy, is so thrilled he cries, and that makes me cry.

#5  Angel Noel (The Amazing Christmas Race)  This family has a flair for the dramatic and it is awesome. Not only is this video pretty well-edited down to the essentials, but the mom’s acting is actually totally believable. AND check out that girl’s scavenger hunt outfit! It’s elaborate and it’s dramatic and I love it.

Cheer! Vicarious joy!
Thanks to all the parents who gave their kids puppies and put it up on YouTube for us to enjoy. May everyone get puppies for Christmas and may they remember not to squeeze them too hard.

(image and videos courtesy of YouTube)

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