Hold onto your hats, Gleeks. Zap2it reports that Cheyenne Jackson–broadway wonder boy and guest star on 30 Rock–is joining the cast of Glee.

And here’s the part where Idina Menzel fans may want to take a moment of silence.

Jackson will be taking Menzel’s place as the new coach of “Vocal Adrenaline”–the musical nemesis of “New Directions.”

This hardly comes as a big surprise considering where we left off on Season 1 (remember Shelby admiring her newly acquired Glee-spawn?) As a favor to Quinn and Puck–and to atone for the baby she didn’t raise (Rachel)–she’s trading in the coach hat for the mommy hat.

Jackson’s broadway experience reads like Rachel’s dream resume; he’s performed in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Damn Yankees, Hair, West Side Story, and The Rocky Horror Show. Which means he’ll be in good company as far as talent is concerned. Whether anyone at William McKinley High will actually like him…is another question altogether. Unless producer Ryan Murphy decides that Rachel needs another long lost biological relative (maybe a brother?) I predict that Jackson will be making plenty of enemies this season. Maybe he’ll even join forces with Sue Sylvester. Can you think of anything more amazing than two coaches verbally annihilating Mr. Shu’s dreamy hair?

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