Is there anything pop sensation Justin Bieber, 16, can’t do? Well, besides legally drink and buy cigarettes and lotto tickets. Apparently not, because the kid who makes tween hearts go aflutter is making his real-deal acting debut on the season premiere of CBS series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Bieber, who has previously appeared as himself on Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP and on Saturday Night Live, where he famously portrayed the object of Tina Fey’s obsession, will play Jason McCann, “a troubled teen who is faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother–a decision that leads him into an explosive confrontation with the CSIs. It is the beginning of an explosive story that will conclude later in the season,” according to the CBS press release.

An even better excerpt from the press release:

“Every 20 years, a phenomenon like Justin Bieber graces our world. We’d like to believe that the phenomenon of CSI has had the same impact on popular culture. The opportunity to bring them together in the premiere is a great treat for our audience and all of its new viewers. This will be true event television,” Executive Producers Carol Mendelsohn, Don McGill and Anthony Zuiker said in joint statement.

Are tweens even allowed to watch CSI? And since when do Justin Bieber and CSI go together like peanut butter and jelly? Also, do we have Kevin Federline to blame for all of this, since he seemingly paved the way for pop stars appearing on CSI? Can we even call K-Fed a pop star? All I know is that the answers to those questions don’t even matter, because anything Bieber touches turns to gold (or platinum, I should say). Unless it’s a fan he’s touching, in which case it turns into a shrieking hot mess. Happy watching, tweens (if your parents will let you)!

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Jen Harper

Editor, BuddyTV