Looks like Sue Sylvester won’t be the only one donning a tracksuit when Glee Season 2 kicks off this September. TV Guide reports that Dot Jones will be making her debut on William McKinley High’s practice field. Only she won’t be terrorizing the Cheerios squad and making girls smell their own armpits. She’ll be coaching football.

This won’t be Jones’ first TV appearance. Jones’ acting resume reads like a one-episode wonder list (she’s starred in everything from Married with Children to 10 Things I Hate About You to Nip/Tuck). Ryan Murphy, Glee series creator, is one of Jones’ biggest fans. He cast her alongside two other Glee Stars — Mike O’ Malley (Kurt’s Dad) and Jonathan Groff (Jesse) — in the unaired 2008 pilot Pretty/Handsome

Think there’s no female coach with more testosterone than Sue Sylvester? Here are five reasons you might want to change your mind:

  1. Before breaking into Hollywood, Jones was an employee at Fresno County Juvenile Hall
  2. She’s a 15-time world and 6-time national champion armwrestler
  3. She’s also a champion weightlifter
  4. She played a prison guard in an episode of Desperate Housewives
  5. “Miss Meat,” “Butch Brenda,” “Muscular Woman,” “Death Angel,” and “Lady Battleaxe” are just a few of the character names she’s collected over the years

In addition to making Finn’s life hell on turf, Jones will also be towering over another Glee newcomer, Chord Overstreet (“Sam”). I hardly need to point out the irony of casting a kid named Chord in a show about music. Nice job, casting agents. Overstreet — who starred as Eric in Nickelodeon’s iCarly — will play the role of Finn’s protege-turned-nemesis.

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