True Blood has plenty of intrigue with werewolves and vampires and century-old vendettas, but one of the most confusing subplots of season 3 involves Jason Stackhouse’s uncontrollable jealousy against Kitch Maynard.

Kitch, arguably one of the best-named characters on TV, is a high school football stud who’s stealing the one thing Jason had: his legacy. As a result, Jason has an unnatural hatred towards Kitch, slapping him around and threatening him whenever he can.

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Why is Jason so upset and, despite the fact that Jason is dumber than a box of pop rocks, is he onto something when he claims that there’s something wrong with Kitch?

Here are my top four theories about Kitch:

Kitch is a Werewolf or Shifter

Kitch is an even better football QB than Jason was, so it would make sense if that extra strength and ability comes from being a supernatural character like a werewolf or a shifter.

Kitch is a Maenad

This may be because his last name sounds a bit like Maenad, but perhaps Kitch is connected to Maryann and he’s trying to exact revenge on the Stackhouse family. This is a huge stretch, but anything is possible.

Kitch is Something Else

We have no idea what other kinds of creatures exist in the True Blood universe. With werewolves, shifters, vampires, maenads and telepaths running wild, maybe Kitch is something completely different, like a warlock.

Kitch is Normal

The biggest twist at this point might be finding out that Kitch is just a regular human and Jason is simply using him as an outlet for his own frustrations. If this is the case, I suspect Jason will wind up doing something very bad thinking Kitch is something else, leading to a serious downfall for his character.

If I had to pick one right now, I’d say Kitch is a new kind of creature, but time will tell. What do you think Kitch Maynard is?

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