Today over at EW, Michael Ausiello threw out an irresistible blind item for us hard-core ‘shippers: That “a couple on a successful show we’re obsessed with will be getting hitched” at the end of next season.

To narrow the field of possibilities, he teased us with these four clues:

1. It’s a wedding I was pretty sure we would never see.
2. The bride and groom are heterosexual. (Hence, bride and groom.)
3. The network in question is either ABC, CBS, or Fox.
4. And there’s an important piece of this wedding that remains a mystery — even to me. (OK, that one may not be much of a clue. But it’s true!)

Which pair of love birds could be walking down the aisle next spring? We wracked our brains and came up with our favorite five options that adhere to these rules. Fingers crossed that Ausiello is as “obsessed with” these five couples as we are–and that this wedding turns from a blind item to an on-screen reality!

5. Meredith and Derek, Grey’s Anatomy

They’re already partly married thanks to the Post-It, which could be why Ausiello never thought they would tie the knot for real. After the utter tragedy of Derek getting shot and Meredith having a miscarriage, a wedding might be a nice change of pace.

4. Peter and Olivia, Fringe

It might be too soon, but Fringe started laying the groundwork for these two to come together at the end of last season. Here’s an even bigger twist: what if Peter marries the alternate universe Olivia?

3. House and Cuddy, House

House is definitely not the marrying type, but after the shocking finale where House and Cuddy finally hooked up (for real this time), a wedding is a very realistic possibility one year from now.

2. Booth and Brennan, Bones

Every Bones fan on Earth wants these two to get together, get married and have lots of adorable Booth and Brennan babies. The fact that next season will presumably start one year later when they meet up again could provide enough to have passed for them to finally get together.

1. Ted and “The Mother,” How I Met Your Mother

At many points in the history of this show, it seemed like Ted would never meet The Mother, let alone marry her. But HIMYM has become about so much more than just the titular statement that it could easily survive Ted’s wedding to the mother of his future kids. It would be unexpected, but very gratifying for long-time fans, especially if the mother is Sarah Chalke’s Stella and it meant she would join the cast full-time.

Can you think of another couple (who also follow Ausiello’s rules) you’d rather see tie the knot? Call out your predictions in the comments–and we’ll see who’s right when we see you at the wedding.

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