Season nine of Bones ended with one crazy cliffhanger: Booth being taken away in handcuffs. Obviously, Bones showrunner Stephen Nathan had some explaining to do.

Thankfully BuddyTV caught up with Nathan at San Diego Comic Con 2014, as he answered reporters’ questions about leading the long-running show into season 10. There were some big questions for Nathan, including what’s next for our favorite crime fighting couple and will the group ever be able to trust the FBI again?

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Check out the full and wide-ranging video interview, and watch out for highlights below: 

Interview Highlights:

  • The show will be picking up where they left off. Season nine was probably the biggest finale they ever had. There are huge ramifications, both practically and emotionally. 
  • “Here are two characters who spent the last seven or eight years coming together as a couple and here they are torn apart. It’s yet another test of the strength of this relationship.”
  • Booth has never been in a situation like this. He has never been betrayed by an institution he both trusted and risked his life for. He doesn’t know what the next move is and he doesn’t know who to trust. 
  • Brennan has to deal with all of this; she has been working tirelessly for the four months Booth has been in prison. The show will pick up in a place where there has finally been a break. The dead body they find can lead to unraveling this conspiracy that has been going on for decades. “Even longer than Bones.”
  • Another question: how much damage has been done to Booth? 
  • There’s no real dispute about who the bad guys and the good guys are. They don’t know exactly who the bad guys are, but they know it’s an entity they must find.
  • “This is Christmas morning for Hodgins!” He’s a conspiracy theorist who has been dismissed for ten years suddenly in the middle of a conspiracy. His character will be paramount in the first few episodes. 
  • Bones will always be Bones. We’ll get back to being the show that everybody wants.”
  • The show goes through both light and dark periods. There’s always humor, no matter how dark it is. 
  • There will be plenty of humor and things the audience both expects and wants. The characters will be in situations that are bizarre and funny again. 
  • They’re hoping to bring back some familiar faces in season 10. They hope to see Cyndi Lauper again. They want to bring back all the members of the family. 
  • The show will be adding a new character from the FBI, someone for Booth and Sweets and Caroline to deal with there. The new character will be more confident than what we’ve seen, but whether this confidence is well placed remains to be seen.
  • Booth will go back to work, but the circumstances under which he goes back to work are up for grabs. It will take awhile for that part of the Bones world to become comfortable again. 
  • Nathan talks about keeping the show fresh for 10 years. He says they keep finding new and interesting places for the story to go. “It’s the characters that keep the show fresh.” 
  • The interns also work to freshen the show up as well. The lives of the other characters mix up the lives of Booth and Brennan in surprising ways. 
  • Nathan says they’re trying to get everyone back. “It is our intention to have everyone back.” Unfortunately it’s sometimes a scheduling issue for people to return to the show.
  • Nathan talks about the actor’s contracts and says they’re blessed because everyone wants to continue to do the show. He says the contract process can be complicated, but it always seems to work out. 
  • He says picking a favorite episode is just impossible. He has lots of favorite episodes that strike him as important in different ways. “I leave that to the fans and the audience to pick their favorite. Hopefully they’re like me and they can’t pick just one. That’s a good dream.” 

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What do you think? Are you excited for season 10? How will they get Booth out of prison? How will he end up back in the FBI? Share your theories in the comments! 

Bones Season 10 premieres Thursday, September 25 at 8pm ET on FOX.

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