The Flash is coming this fall! Barry Allen was first introduced during Arrow Season 2 when he visited Starling City, befriended Felicity and met Team Arrow. When he returns to the small screen this October, he’ll be back in Central City and awake from his monthslong coma.

While at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Grant Gustin spoke with reporters about Barry’s responsibility to his city, his fathers, his love life, and a visit from Arrow‘s Felicity. 

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Check out the full video interview with Grant Gustin below, plus highlights.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Iris is dating Eddie when season begins. It’s unlikely she’ll find out about Barry’s feelings soon. He won’t want to get in the middle of her current relationship.
  • Barry’s love life isn’t a priority. 
  • “He feels a responsibility now to use his to protect the city and to try and get his dad out of prison.”
  • Felicity will be visiting Barry in episode 4. “It’s really fun and cute.” 
  • His relationship with Felicity can’t go anywhere because he’s in love with Iris.
  • Gustin’s favorite scene from the pilot is one between Barry and his father (John Wesley Shipp). Some of the dialogue was planned, but not shared with Shipp prior to shooting the scene.
  • Barry’s father has been in prison for 15 years. They have visited, but hasn’t fathered him much.
  • “Joe has been pretty incredible to him over the years.”
  • “Now that Barry has powers, …. Joe’s trying to keep him safe, while Barry’s trying to keep the city safe. And those two things don’t go hand-in-hand.”
  • Gustin enjoys playing a happier hero. If it was a darker show, he wouldn’t have been cast.

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7 at 8pm ET on the CW.

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