Louis has the worst luck this season on Suits. The guy just can’t catch a break! He’s made mistakes, but no one deserves what he’s been through. In “Exposure,” Pearson Specter fights off Sean Cahill’s attack on the firm until Mike comes up with what seems like a fail-safe plan. Instead of protecting the firm, the plan puts them all at risk.

Squashing Sean Cahill

The SEC man, Sean Cahill, won’t give up on his pursuit of proving Pearson Specter guilty of wrongdoing. When one avenue was shut down, Cahill went around that judge and got a search warrant for all the documents about the Gillis Industries deal.

Jessica and Harvey went to the original judge who isn’t happy that Cahill circumvented him, so he reversed the search warrant until they could have a hearing. Cahill decided to take another route and approached Mike to make a deal. Of course, Mike remained loyal to the firm and refused.

Cahill did give up an important piece of information though, he was having his targets followed and likely without approval. Mike couldn’t get the actual list, so he created a fake one to use to bluff. It worked, Cahill agreed to give up his request for the documents, but he wasn’t done.

Logan Sanders got his revenge. In exchange for immunity, he signed to give the SEC access to all the previously privileged communications between Harvey and Mike about the Gillis deal. 

Since Harvey and Mike didn’t collude on the deal, they weren’t concerned about the documents, but they didn’t want Cahill to win. Mike came up with a plan to beat Cahill. The firm would turn over all the documents to the court to be cataloged and when Cahill didn’t find proof of wrongdoing, he would have to answer for malicious prosecution.

Good, right? Not really!

Oh, Louis!

Louis tried to correct the illegal money transfer he did for Forstman, but the investor refused to clean the transaction. The only option given was to pin it on Harvey instead and that’s not something that Louis could do.

When the documents weren’t going to be turned over and only the communications between Harvey and Mike, Louis was relieved and felt he was in the clear. His silence over what he did cost him big time. If Jessica, Harvey or Mike knew or even had a clue about Louis’ wrongdoing, they could have protected him. 

Instead, Louis kept quiet and the firm agreed to turn over everything to the SEC putting him and the firm in trouble. Katrina created a fraudulent document to cover up the money transfer, but Louis didn’t want to cover his crime with another crime.

The documents were ready to be turned over when Mike realized there was something wrong with Louis and he confided in Harvey about his belief. Harvey went to find Louis while Louis was looking for him and they both missed each other.

With Harvey nowhere to be found, Louis went to Jessica and told her, “I made a huge mistake.” What will happen next? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out. It’s not good for Louis or the firm. Cahill has them right where he wanted them. Ouch!


Rachel loves Mike and she had difficulty dealing with their current circumstances. Donna tried to comfort her and even confided in her about how she did sleep with Harvey after he left the DA’s office. While that was pretty much revealed to viewers last season, it was a shock to Rachel.

Harvey and Donna are not the same couple as Rachel and Mike though and that was obvious given the way it all played out. Rachel couldn’t give Mike the space he wanted, so she lied about Harvey wanting her to help him on the Cahill case. Mike dismissed her and pushed her away.

After being reprimanded by Donna for lying about Harvey, Rachel went over to Mike’s house to fight for her man. She reminded him that she knew what it was like to have an awful image in her mind. She actually saw him with Tess. She can’t erase the image, but she can forgive.

Rachel asks Mike, “Do you love me more than you hate what I did?”

After informing Harvey about Louis’ questionable actions, Mike headed out for the night. He stopped and went to see Rachel. In a touching moment, he smiled at her and nodded to indicate he wanted them to go home. The perfect reconciliation!

How should they move forward with the documents? Should they use a fraudulent one? Will Louis turn himself in? Or, will one of them come up with a brilliant maneuver to clear the firm, while getting Forstman arrested?

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET on USA.

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