Extant keeps the suspense moving, launching us into Molly’s drug induced dream. She’s back home in her kitchen, making breakfast and looking very pregnant. Instead of John wishing her a good morning, it’s Marcus and doesn’t take long to realize that the dream is the morning of his fatal accident. She begs him not to drive out there in the rain and asks to go with him. It’s pouring rain, it’s hard to see, and right before they get hit by oncoming traffic, restraints lock around her wrists and she “wakes” up in bed. She thinks she’s safe until she hears a baby crying next to her. She pulls back the sheets to see a dead Marcus lying next to her.

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What Baby?

Missing for 6 hours, John and a search party find Molly and Ethan unconscious in the woods. Ethan has some major damage to his system and Molly is suffering from a bad concussion. She doesn’t wake up until they reach the mainland and she’s being wheeled in from the ambulance. John already informed the doctor that she’s pregnant and they get her admitted and assessed. The doctor comes back and tells her that not only is there no baby, but her body has never physically experienced a pregnancy. A fancy ultrasound backs up his findings and I was just as shocked as Molly was. It takes some crazy technology not only to take a baby out but alter her body and hormones to what it was before the mission. Molly is starting to unravel and John is questioning everything despite wanting to support her.

Molly’s only recourse is to go see Sam. After all, she was the one who performed the blood test and ultrasound that confirmed the pregnancy. But we know this isn’t going to go down well because Sparks knew how to get to her and her performance didn’t disappoint. As the three of them stood in her kitchen, she told them with a straight face and complete shock that she had no idea what she was talking in terms about the pregnancy, and begged her friend to go back to the hospital and get some help. Can’t say that Harmon didn’t warn her!

The Dog Saves the Day?

Things are starting to look pretty grim for Molly and her case against the ISEA. Even her loving husband is having a super hard time believing anything she’s saying. As they talk that night in their backyard, Molly asks him for a leap of faith, assuring him that she wished she was crazy because it would make this whole situation so much easier. But she’s been put through the ringer and she needs answers as to why. Sparks and his team did a good job cleaning their tracks but they didn’t know everything. Molly remembers that her father’s dog bit her while she was pregnant and her blood would be on the towel she used to dress her wound.

Getting the bloody towel from her dad, the two sneak into her doctor’s lab back in the hospital. While John keeps him occupied, Molly runs an analysis and it confirms her pregnancy — and then some! The blood sample revealed her DNA and another strand. Not only did it not belong to John, it was unlike any Molly had seen before. Whatever doubts John had, he left them at the door and he’s fully on board with Molly’s plan to find out what’s going on.

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A Revealing Algorithm

The only way to get answers as to what happened and whose baby she was carrying is to get back into the ISEA. Molly goes back to Sparks and gets him to believe that she was crazy and didn’t know what came over her. She wants to get back to work and “make it up” to him. I don’t know about you but I wasn’t all that convinced and neither was Sparks, who you know is going to watch her like a hawk. Thank goodness she knew he would be too, taking the proper precautions (i.e blasting music) in the lab where her colleague was working.

He was busy going over the footage in the lab trying to figure out why the worms Molly was studying on the mission died. Using a special algorithm, or video filter, they saw that at the exact time she saw Marcus, a mysterious stream of spores that moved like energy waves killed their worms. She has him send her that same filter later on that night while she’s at home and she applies it to the secret video she had of her encounter with Marcus. Lo and behold, Marcus was nothing more than a bunch of spores coming at her like tentacles. What on Earth is going on?

Julie and John Butt Heads

The electric rod Spark’s men used to disable Ethan did a real number on his system. It put him into a coma of sorts, his systems needing time to rebuild themselves. Because he’s such a complex robot, there isn’t much John or Julie can do without risking damage to his cognitive abilities. Julie is already ticked off that Ethan was even put in the position of getting hurt and wears a permanent look of disgust throughout the entire episode.

John tries to jump start Ethan himself but ends in a total fail — the boy robot sitting up and asking him in a creepy voice “Who are you?”Julie shuts him down and wastes no time laying into John. She was there from the very beginning and helped John build Ethan. They original plan was to place him with a family and she helped research a suitable placement for him. John switched things up and took him instead, leaving her out of every major decision concerning him. Molly’s husband scored some major cool points with me because he told her the very thing we were all thinking: She is not his parent. At the end of the day she is nothing more than his assistant and he doesn’t need her permission to do anything.

In other Extant News:

– Sparks has the fetus growing in a man-made uterus and congratulations — it’s a boy.
– Julie has robotic legs. Who knew?

Extant airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm on CBS.

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