Itching for some Arrow news? Season 3 doesn’t premiere for over two months, but we caught up with star Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow) in the show’s press room at San Diego Comic-Con to get some teases about what’s coming up for our favorite hero. He didn’t disappoint!

Amell spoke with reporters about the flashbacks, Team Arrow, changes to Oliver’s romantic life, Oliver’s child, and much more.

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Colin Donnell will be back! No, Tommy’s not alive, but we will get to see Oliver’s best friend again on Arrow. He will appear in a flashback. Amell said that Oliver sees “Tommy from a rooftop and he’s talking to his dad.”

In the Arrow Season 2 Season Finale, Oliver and Felicity had a heart-to-heart on the beach after pretending to be in love to trick Slade. While they didn’t didn’t get together then, it’s not the end of their romantic journey.

“Oliver has one woman this year,” said Amell. “That woman is Felicity.” 

They may not end up together, but they’re connection will change Oliver going forward. “We talk about some pretty important stuff in the premiere and if Oliver were to have a fling, it would undermine some of that. So I think that the cavalcade of women is going to slow down or stop basically.”

Want more insight into Arrow Season 3? Watch the full interview and more highlights below.

Highlights from the interview:

  • In the flashbacks, Oliver meets Amanda Waller for the first time. 
  • In Season 1, Steve Aoki played a DJ at Vertigo, Oliver mentioned he dated the DJ’s sister. She appears as Tatsu Yamashiro (Devon Aoki) in the flashbacks.
  • Amell likes that the flashbacks provide “curveballs.”
  • Half-way through Season 3, Oliver will be half way through his 5 year journey away from home.
  • Amell has played some meetings with characters as if Oliver’s met them before and not just Amanda Waller.
  • “We’re using the flashbacks to explain things that happened in previous seasons. Like the whole ‘Eddie Fyers wants to shoot down an airliner?’ Why? Answers forthcoming.”
  • Oliver doesn’t really care that he’s broke. “Being broke is interesting until it’s not.”
  • Thea and Oliver’s relationship has matured and they will operate on a more adult level.
  • Roy and Oliver start season in a good place. Roy has skeletons in his closet that he will find out. They “put him at odds with himself and at odds with Oliver.”
  • “Who’s to say?” – regarding if Oliver and Felicity are end game.
  • Laurel will be “super involved” this season. 
  • Diggle becoming a father causes Oliver to tell him, “I can’t have you in the field anymore.”
  • “Oliver sees a version of himself literally that scares the shit out of him and that affects his relationship with Diggle.” – It will make sense after watching the premiere.
  • In Season 3, Team Arrow will have a list of villains to target. It’s not much different than the Season 1 list. In the premiere, most of the names have been crossed off.
  • “You have failed this city.” line will return. The producers thought it was a Season 1 line and Amell found that fans love that line. So, it returns in the premiere.
  • “Yes” – There will be some unlikely alliances in Season 3. The premiere has a scene that is reminiscent of a Martin Scorsese film.
  • Oliver’s baby storyline will come back either this season or next. Amell pitched the story to the writers and then both executive producers shared the idea to him not realizing it was originally his idea. 
  • “Really excited.” – Amell’s reaction to Ra’s al Ghul being the big bad.

Arrow Season 3 premieres Wednesday, October 8 at 8pm ET on CW.

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