We’re at a very important part of the Big Brother 8 competition right now.  The two power alliances, Eric/Jessica and Dick/Daniele know they will have to face off soon, but the reason they’ve made it this far is their alliance.  So, do you pick off the other players, or gun for the other alliance?  Tough decisions abounded tonight on Big Brother, but we also got some of the usual Amber crying/praying tandem, some Eric/Jess flirting and a surprisingly docile Dick.

Nomination Backlash

Zach and Amber are upset that they were nominated.  Not surprising in the least.  Zach is totally caught off-guard, or at least pretends to be.  He thought that he had Jessica’s trust.  He may still, but Jessica made a strategic play.  Amber reacts differently.  She does her excessive crying while praying thing, at once questioning God’s plan and being grateful for God having a plan.  Or something.  A lot of times you can’t understand her.  Jameka has a similar praying breakdown alone in the HoH room because she’s sad that Amber is up and happy that she isn’t.  Jessica walks in on her, consoles her and they have a talk about religion.  Jessica, it turns out, is Catholic. 

The Continued Courting of Jessica by Eric 

Eric finally makes his move this episode.  He works up the courage and with Jessica in the HoH room, he gets a little bit of privacy.  He moves in for the kiss and…success!  The two make out for an indeterminate amount of time.  Good work, Eric.  Later, Eric receives his America’s Player task: he has to kiss Jessica.  So, he goes and kisses Jess.  Easiest task ever.

Let’s Promote ‘Power of Ten’

The houseguests finally get to learn where Amber and Daniele went on their trip out of the house.  Of course, we know that they got to be contestants on the Power of Ten, CBS’s new game show.  Everyone gets to see that Amber beat Daniele and went on to win $1,000.  Daniele starts crying when she sees that Nick would’ve been the person to help her in the money round had she gotten past Amber.  Amber cries some more. 

A Cat and Riddle Rats 

The Power of Veto competition players this week are everyone but Dick.  So, Dick hosts.  The houseguests are ushered into the backyard, which has been transformed into a forest, marsh area.  It actually looks pretty cool.  There is a big Cheshire Cat in a tree and the game goes like this:  each player stands on a stump while the Cheshire Cat tells them the answer to a riddle.  Next, the contestants have to run out into the forest and find a plastic rat that holds the correct riddle on it.  The last player back to the stump is eliminated.  Eric, for the first time, wins the Power of Veto just beating out Amber.  Obviously, Jessica is happy about this.

Eric Makes a Tough Decision

A lot of campaigning follows the PoV competition.  Zach thinks it’s prime time to backdoor either Dick or Daniele.  After much thought, Jessica actually starts to believe that they should backdoor Daniele or Dick.  Eric disagrees.  They are polite about their disagreement, but Jessica admits her disappointment with Eric in the Diary Room.  Eric ultimately decides to not use the Power of Veto. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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