Jessica is back as Head of Household after a week of Daniele in the power position, and on tonight’s Big Brother we’ll get Jessica’s nominations.  Will she put Jameka and Amber back up on the block?  Who will America tell Eric to try and get nominated?  Will Jessica renege on her alliance with the Donatos?  How will everyone in the house get along with Jen gone?  As happy I am to be rid of Jen in the house, every time I have to hear Amber cry, I die a little bit inside.  Regardless, I’ll be here throughout the hour with my live thoughts. 

Man, I hope Jen is having fun in the sequester house with Dustin.

Dick is redonculously excited to be rid of Jen.  Hmm, I ddidn’t remember that.  Before Jen left, she told Amber not to forget to Jess something.  Jessica is a bit confused by this, and so am I.  Maybe Jen was just stirring things up.  I bet the live feeders know what’s up.

Is Eric going to finally make a move on Jessica in the HoH?  He has to, doesn’t he?  If not, it’s going to border on pathetic. 

Amber and Jameka have a God talk.  Amber says she told God to put Jessica as the HoH this week.  Hey, he answered. 

Eric admits that he has no game.  Which he doesn’t.  But we do get to witness some very awkward flirting between him and Jessica.  Jessica’s HoH room is complete with a picture of her college dance team, whose outfits are pretty shiny and terrible, a fact that does not escape Dick.  “Those outfits are awful,” were his exact words, I believe. 

Amber tells Jess what Jen’s secret is: that Eric has a girlfriend named Cheryl.  Hmm, I doubt that’s true. 

Eric and Jess have a little heart to heart where Eric explains that he had a girlfriend named Cheryl, but they aren’t really together anymore.  Jessica understands.  Conflict avoided.

Daniele and Dick have some familial issues.  Daniele is pissed off about everything, is sick of everyone in the house and eventually takes it out on her dad.  She tells him that she’s tired of all his crap.  Fair enough.  They try to talk, but Dani can’t deal with it.  Dick and Daniele seem to be both at fault in their relationship, Dick says dumb things and Daniele is unresponsive and stubborn.  Tough to watch, actually.

Time for the season’s first luxury challenge.  Ha.  Jessica tells everyone that because she is the HoH, she chooses the two teams, and so she decides on guys versus girls.  They each dress up in some silly track suits and go outside to see two huge bubble/soap machines with a wall in between.  The winner of the challenge gets a two minute shopping spree.  The game: each article of clothing each person has on has a letter on it.  The houseguests have to get naked while bubbles pour on them and sort the letters on the clothes into words that have to do with past competitions (like “toga” and “bunnysuit”).  The girls are a bit hesitant to get naked, but they are separated from the guys by a wall, so when the game starts everyone just strips down.  The girls win. 

Man, if only this episode were on Showtime.

The girls shopping spree goes like this.  A few racks of clothes are set up in the Big Brother house, and the girls have two minutes to put on as many clothes as they can.  By the end of the two minutes, they get to keep all the clothes they have on.

God, this sucks.  Amber is being told by Jameka that Amber should be a model.  And Amber believes her.  Which is ludicrous.

Zach makes a pitch to Jessica and Eric about putting up Dick and Daniele.  He makes some good points, but Eric and Jessica are solid with Dick and Daniele and they should keep it that way. 

Eric and Jessica talk shop after Eric is informed by America that they want Amber up.  That should be easy, at least Eric thinks so.  Jessica still isn’t totally sure of what she’s going to do.  She wants to stay on good terms with everybody, which will be pretty difficult after nominations.

It’s just about nomination time.  Jessica decides to nominate Amber and Zach.  These are good nominations on Jessica’s part, I think.  Zach is very surprised he was nominated, but Jessica seems happy with who she’s put up.

Amber has a teary-eyed conversation with God in the Diary Room.  She actually says “God Bless You,” directly to God, which actually implies Paganism, I believe.

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