Jen is gone from the Big Brother house and everyone is really happy about it, especially Dick.  This was to be expected, but how will everyone function now that she is gone?  Jen worked well as an outlet for everyone’s frustrations.  Whenever anyone was stressed out or mad, they could take it out on Jen.  Jen bashing had become a nice little communal event in the house.  Now that she’s gone, will the houseguests take it out on each other.  Tonight’s episode of Big Brother held a luxury competition and Jessica’s nominations as Head of Household.  And everyone got naked together. 

Eric’s Girl Trouble

Oh, Eric.  Just seal the deal with Jessica already.  Eric admits to America that he has no game and that he’s aware of it.  But, he counters, compared to Evil Dick and Zach, he actually is looking like quite the catch these days.  He and Jess share some awkward flirting moments, but the love is there.  Jessica likes Eric and it’s not hard to see it.  Just go for it, man.  Things get a bit more complicated when Jessica hears Jen’s final comment before leaving the house.  She told Amber not to forget to tell Jess something.  Jess asks Amber what that was all about and Amber tells her: Jen told her that Eric has a girlfriend at home named Cheryl.  Eric is confronted kindly about this and he explains that he did have a girlfriend named Cheryl but that they’re not together anymore.  Crisis averted.

Daniele and Dick Do What They Do Best

Daniele and Dick fight some more.  We’re used to it, but it’d be nice if they were making some better progress in their relationship.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear like they are.  Daniele vents about how tired she is of her father, of his parenting and just his overall Dick-ness.  Dick senses something is wrong and asks Daniele about it.  Dani goes off, expressing all her frustrations and that she’s sick of everyone in the house, including him.  Dick doesn’t take too kindly to this and they have another examination of their relationship.  So, they fight.  At least they’re talking, I guess.

Everyone Gets Naked

The season’s first luxury competition pits the guys against the girls with a shopping spree looming as the reward.  Everyone is given a jump suit to wear and led outside where two giant bubble machines are set up on opposite sides of the big wall.  There is a letter on every article of clothing in the houseguests jump suits and they all have to strip naked, out the letters up on clothes lines and unscramble them.  They have to make three words, all having to do with former challenges.  For example, “toga” and “bunnysuit” are two of the words.  The girls aren’t too excited to get naked, especially Daniele, but when the comp starts the clothes fly off.  The girls destroy the guys.  For their reward, they get two minutes to put on as many clothes as they can from some racks that are set up in the Big Brother house.  After the two minutes, the girls get to keep all the clothes that are on their body.

Jessica Nominates Wahmber and The Ogre

Jessica doesn’t stress too bad over her nominations.  She maybe entertains turning on Dick and Daniele, but decides to go the path of least resistance by nominating Zach and Amber.  It seems as if Amber is the real target here, but I think Jessica would be fine with either of them leaving the house.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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