Why do people name their alliances these little cheesy names? And, curiously, soon after they name them, they get busted up. Little Cheesy Names seems to be the Kiss of Death, i.e. 4 Horsemen, LNC, the Triad in Pirate Master, etc. Now the final four alliance with Dick, Daniele, Jess and Eric have named themselves LJC, for Little Julie Chens. Yes, I’ll wait while you roll your eyes, too.

I am rather surprised that neither pair has turned on the other pair yet. Will this week change that? It could get tricky this week if the Power of Veto is used. Jessica has said that she will NOT put up Jameka, so if one of her nominees is removed, what will she do?

Spoiler Alert: This article is about events not yet shown on the CBS show.

We know Eric was the PoV winner. Jessica was heard saying that she was glad he won it so that her nominations would stay the same. I thought perhaps CBS would have taken advantage of this and moved the airing of the competition to Sunday to allow America to choose whether or not America’s Player would use the veto and on whom, but they didn’t. Instead we were treated to another stupid question about him kissing someone. That might have been amusing if America had picked anyone other than Jess, preferably Zach or Dick, but they didn’t.

Jameka has been working Jessica hard this week. She’s practically lived in that Head of Household room. She’s even gone into the bathroom while Jessica was in the shower to talk to her. Poor Jessica can’t even go potty by herself! What the heck? She’s already told Jameka that she was safe. Now it seems that Amber and Jameka are on a mission to use Jameka’s position as Jessica’s friend to bust up the Jessica/Eric alliance. I think that’s pretty stupid this week seeing that Eric has a little bit of power.

Last night Jameka told Jessica that Eric called her a really nasty name that I won’t repeat. You could tell how hurt Jessica was to hear that. I’m a little surprised that once Jessica asked him about it, he didn’t go off and convince Jessica to put up Jameka when he removed Zach. When she told him, she made it seem that it was all Amber’s doing and that Jameka was only trying to protect her. Yeah, right. I really wonder if Jessica is really as gullible as she seems or if she’s playing us all.

Also last night, the houseguests had fun playing their zuma zuma game, a variation of quarters, and spin the bottle. They asked the bottle twice who was going home on Thursday and two times it pointed at Amber, hahaha. At one point in the evening festivities, Eric had to go down on one knee and propose to Carol’s picture, Dick had to lick Jen’s picture and say “Oooh, Jen”,and Zach had to rub his chest on Nick’s picture and say something like it’s his loss. The girls also got into it. Daniele had to tell Eric that it wasn’t Nick she had the hots for, it was Eric, and Amber had to say she did everything she could to turn Dustin straight. They went on and on. Hilarious!

Today was the Power of Veto ceremony. As expected, Eric did not use it. From what I was able to get from the others talking later, he gave a pretty good speech, but Zach’s speech to save himself was really very bad. Somewhat incoherent, even. Sounds like typical Zach to me.

So Zach and Amber remain on the block. Who will go home? Right now, it seems as if Amber is gone, but as with anything dealing with this batch, we’ll see. Don’t forget to watch Daniele and Amber on Power of 10 tomorrow night right before Big Brother and until next time, catch y’all in the forums!

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