Lost fans in Hawaii will be given a rare treat when the shows soundtrack composer Michael Giacchino and star Terry O’Quinn join the Honolulu Symphony for a concert performance of the show’s haunting and dynamic score. Giacchino will provide the score while O’Quinn, who plays John Locke on Lost, will read passages over the symphony. The Lost score has been an integral part of the show’s immerse nature.  It raises and falls with the emotional cues, and emphasizing the beauty, mystery, and danger of the island in an organic way that fuses with the story-telling nature of Lost.

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Giacchino’s score has resulted in a mantle full of awards including an Emmy, BMI, and two ASCAP awards.  The majority of the composer’s early work was done for the video game industry which eventually lead to higher profile gigs with J.J. Abrams on Alias, and since then becoming a composer of choice at Pixar.

Star Wars is credited for awakening the composer within a young Giacchino.  In the biographical section of the Honolulu Symphony’s press release, they say “He remembers listening to the Star Wars soundtrack as a kid, and being completely amazed at the way the music was telling a story. It was an instant awakening as to what the various instruments of an orchestra could accomplish.”

If you’re lucky enough to be a local, tickets to the event range from $36 to $94, and more information can be found at www.honolulusymphony.com for the September 22 event.   If you’re stateside, you’ll have to endure a little jet lag to catch the event, providing it isn’t an instant sell out. 

The scores for both Lost season 1 and Lost season have been released on the Varese Sarabande label on high quality CDs that capture the full range of Giacchino’s powerful scores.  No details on a season 3 disc have been released, yet.

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