It’s Power of Veto night in the Big Brother house, but I don’t for see any change of nominations.  Zach and Amber haven’t been all that good in competitions and Daniele has been a force.  Also, only Jameka will be fighting for Amber and no one will be fighting for Zach.  But, I’ve been wrong before.  So, did everyone watch the Power of Ten with Amber and Daniele.  If not, you missed some classic Amber moments, the best one probably being when Amber asked Drew Carey what “scrutinize” means.  I’ll be here throughout the episode giving live updates as the episode moves along.

Zach is not happy that Jessica has been nominated.  He vows revenge!  Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!  Amber’s response to the nomination: she looks to God and doesn’t want to disappoint Him by doubting.  If only I can spend some time in a brain where that makes sense.  Amber sits on the bed and talks to God, and then she cries and talks to God in the Diary Room, using her cross necklace as a direct phone line to God, speaking directly into it.

Dani tells Zach that he should be fine.  I think he will be.  Jameka seems to think that Jess’s true intention is to back door either Dick of Daniele.  I don’t really think that it is her true intention. 

Eric and Jessica do some more awkward flirting outside.  Eric, dammit!  Just go for it, man. 

Amber’s crying is contagious.  Jameka does some tearful praying and Jess walks in on her.  She consoles Jameka and tells her about her Catholic roots, mostly trying to cheer up Jameka, it seems.  It’s becoming more and more clear that Jessica is the heavy favorite to win this whole thing.  If she gets to the final two, it’s a no-brainer.

Zach talks to Jess in the HoH about back-dooring Dick of Daniele and Jess begins to warm up to the idea.  Could be interesting.

The Big Brother house guests watch the video of Daniele and Amber’s trip to the Power of Ten.  Daniele cries whiule watching and I’m not sure why.  Maybe she just wants to get the hell out of the house, I don’t know.  It’s funny when Eric and Amber are skeptical about Drew Carey being hosting Price is Right.

Oh, that’s why.  Daniele got to see that Nick was there at the taping, but she didn’t get to see him since Amber beat her in the Power of Ten face-off.  That is rough.

Ha.  Eric is freshening his mouth in anticipation of making out with Jessica.  Which he does!!!!  Good work, Eric.  The two make out in the HoH room for awhile.  Eric, making little Jewish dudes proud.

Time for the veto competition.  Jess picks Daniele out of the bag.  Zach gets HG choice and chooses Eric.  Amber picks Jameka out of the bag.  Dick will host.  Before the competition, Zach talks to Eric about huis big plan to back door Dick and Daniele.  Eric doesn’t seem too into it. 

The back door is decked out, looking like a big forest, with a marsh and trees.  It looks like a swamp.  The game is this: Each contestant stands on a stump in front of a Cheshire Cat.  The Cat gives an answer to a riddle.  The houseguests then have to search the forest and find a rat that had the correct riddle for the answer given.  One contestant is eliminated per riddle.  Jessica is eliminated first.  Jameka next.  Then Daniele.  And then Zach.  The finale two are Amber and Eric, with a lot riding on the line.  Eric wins the Power of Veto, leaving Amber to question God’s plan again.   

Dani and Dick have an interesting conversation.  They worry that Eric and Jess might turn.  What they seem most worried about, though, is Jessica in general and they agree that she has to go.

Eric picks up his America’s Player task.  Who has America chosen for Eric to kiss?  Jessica, which is great for Eric.  He Listerines up and drops a morning kiss on a bikini-clad Jessica. 

Amber comes into the HoH and sobs to Eric about her being up on the block and Eric’s PoV intentions.  Jessica then comes in and has a one-on-one with Eric.  She is starting to think that Eric should use the Power of Veto and that they should put up Dick or Daniele.  Eric is reticent to do this and I’m not too sure why.

Power of Veto meeting time.  Eric, after a silly speech, decides not to use the Power of Veto.  Amber calls the move cowardly, evil and soulless.

And that’s how we end the episode. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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