Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 8 features a dramatic shift in power.  After three weeks of game domination with their Late Night Crew, Dick and Daniele, the Donatos, have the rug swept out from under them.

The “previously on” package goes all the way to back to last week’s HoH competition when Daniele won.  It allows us to see every step of Dick’s inevitable downfall, and the failed plot to backdoor Eric.  We again get to see classic moments like Amber’s meltdown and the look of utter terror on the Donatos’ faces when Kail was evicted.  Good times.

“The Peasants are Revolting”

Dick is willing to admit his plan failed, but still has an air of unrighteous indignation about how everyone lied.  Did he really expect this house to be full of completely honest people?

After Jessica wins HoH, she, Dustin, Eric, Jameka and Amber go nuts.  Daniele has the cojones to admit she and her dad got played.  Dick tries to do more damage, accusing everyone of being liars.  But without power, everyone starts talking back.  Amber and Jameka take him on, and his comebacks of “shut up” fall on deaf ears.  Jameka lays a royal smackdown, going off on how Dick was the key player in wanting Nick out.  Dick keeps trying to tear down Jameka’s faith, but she is strong and will not allow him to maintain his reign  of psychological abuse.

Zach confesses “the peasants are revolting” because no one is scared of Dick anymore.  I get this weird feeling that Zach is suddenly someone to watch out for, as he can skate to the final four without anyone even considering nominating him because he has no role in all the major drama going on.

Dick vs. Amber, Jameka and God

After being on top of the world, Daniele is crying endlessly now because she and her dad didn’t get their way.  Dick calls her “an amazing woman,” but I call her a spoiled brat because as soon as she doesn’t get what she wants, she doesn’t want to be there because she has no friends.  Of course later she befriends Jen, which is the craziest thing ever.

Jessica’as brother and best friend are in the Marine Corps, and they’re both over in “I-Rock” as she calls it.  Daniele doesn’t care, because even though she has nothing against Jessica, she doesn’t like anyone.  Dick believes Jessica bleaches her hair and has fake boobs.

Dick’s plan is to get himself evicted so Daniele can stay.  He calls the others “the good people,” with air quotes, which is funny because it implies he’s good, with all his verbal abuse and constantly calling women the b-word.  Dick tries to get to Amber by saying her daughter must be a mess.  Jameka, brilliantly comes back by commenting on how at least Amber raises and talks to her daughter, unlike a certain estranged father who let his mother raise his daughter.  Oh, snap!  Dick keeps it coming, bashing Jameka’s Christianity, but she keeps turning it back on how his mother and daughter are also Christians.  Jameka is so close to just smacking him, and I’d love to see that, because she could totally mess his ass up if she wanted to.  A Baltimore school guidance counselor?  You just know she can bring it. 

Later, Amber is talking to God in the HoH room about how she tries to be a good mother, crying the whole time.  It’s a tough decision, because Dick is obnoxious, but he’s right when he says Amber is all kinds of crazy, and you have to assume her constant crying and previous meth addiction affect her parenting skills in some way.

Guitar-ed and Feathered Boas

The food competition is rock ‘n’ roll-themed, and they play dress up.  The girls put on glittery wigs and feather boas.  Eric and Zach go with the “leather pants, no shirt” look that makes the motorcycle enthusiast from the Village People look like the poster boy for heterosexuality.  Of course, Dick doesn’t need to put anything on to look the part.  Team one features Daniele, Dick, Jen and Dustin, while the other has Eric, Jameka, Amber and Zach.  Contestants break guitars and find either a dollar sign or a slop card.  The first team to 20 dollar signs wins.  So there’s no skill, and it’s all luck.

Much guitar smashing ensues.  Amber admits that God told her where the dollar signs were.  This, somehow, makes her cry.  Her team eventually wins.  Dick wins a slop pass and gives it to Jen at Daniele’s suggestion.  Eric says this doesn’t matter, because he’s going home on Thursday anyway.

America Hates Eric (and the Feeling is Mutual)

The America’s Player vote is for Eric to get Dustin nominated.  He’s kind of stunned and very upset that America is going against his own game plan.  He should be upset, because America is clearly being kind of dumb, or else they actively hate Eric and want him gone.  Either way, it’s unfair to force someone to go along with voters who have so much contempt for his well being, vis a vis the game.

Luckily, Dustin offers himself up as a pawn in the hot tub, so Eric is mostly covered in his fruitless and half-assed attempt to convince Jessica to nominate him.  The new task is who should he give the silent treatment to.  This could go really poorly if America doesn’t wise up and pick Dick, Daniele, Jen or Zach.

Doing It Like Bunnies

Zach all but admits to being a furry.  He loves the bunny suit, and everyone kind of loves it too.  Amber still thinks Zach has no friends, but she and Dustin both think he’s looking quite hot.  Maybe this house is full of furries.  The best part could be his bunny dance in front of Jessica to win her heart, simply because he reversed the bottom so the bunny tail is located directly in front of his crotch.  I don’t know why everyone hates him in the house, because he’s winning me over with his random attempts to liven up the house without getting bogged down with the drama.

At Least It’s Not Kail and Jen

Dick and Daniele are nominated, duh.  Jessica’s rationale is decent: they plotted against Eric and she likes Eric.  At least she saved herself from Dick being able to call her a liar.  Jessica’s plan is to get Daniele out.  Dick promises to make everyone’s life a living hell for the next week.  Something tells me if anyone can do it, it’s him.,

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