This past week saw plenty of mayhem in the Big Brother 8 house.  Eric was outed by that banner, causing Dick and Daniele to plot his downfall as vengeance for Nick, the irony being Eric was one of only two people voting to save Nick.  The Donatos teamed up with, of all people, Kail, Jen and Zach to accomplish this, while the quintet of Eric, Dustin, Amber, Jessica and Jameka stood strong.  With Eric and Kail as the nominees, the vote looked close, and it seemed even closer with tonight’s episode.

Amber Alert

Dick’s plan involves targeting Amber, and somehow it doesn’t end in crying.  Flashbacks tell us that two weeks ago, Amber told Eric in confidence about this time she lied to her boyfriend about being pregnant.  “Confidence” is an unusual term to use, since they were being recorded and broadcast to all the people at home, but OK.  One week later, Eric tells Dick he knows something about Amber, but refuses to say what it is, only that it’s personal and devastating, and Eric is waiting to use it as a trump card to ruin her later.  Dick, of course, tells Amber all about this, though surprisingly doesn’t pretend to already know the secret in an attempt to get her to admit it.  Sure, it’s something Bugs Bunny would do, but we’re talking about Amber here, a woman who would cry if her double-stuffed Oreo only came with a single stuffing of cream.

Amber storms off, and with purely awesome rage, reads Eric the riot act in the living room with everyone standing around.  She doesn’t say what the secret is, but admits it’s a lie she told her boyfriend when she was on drugs.  Yeah, that’ll win you points.  Unfortunately, she swore on her daughter’s life not to vote to evict Eric.  Dick, naturally, sees no problem in breaking that promise.  Amber is mad as hell, but will she keep her promise, or will her daughter be killed by God?

I [Heart] Dick

In one of the more amusing canned segments, the Big Brother producers attempt to answer the question: is all of Dick’s name-dropping an act?  Believe it or not, it isn’t.  At some dive bar, members of Guns ‘n’ Roses and Alice Cooper sing Dick’s praises.  The crowd starts cheering “We love Dick” as ladies in “I [Heart] Dick” shirts roam the club.  Much as I may hate Dick in the house, seeing all of his friends act so hilariously awesome makes me kind of like him.  Dick might be one of those people who is a whole lot cooler in real life than he is on the show.

Promises Kept and Broken

It’s voting time, and things are tense.  It’s completely unclear who is going home.  Earlier, Dustin made a pact with Dick to evict Eric, with the promise of not nominating each other if either won HoH.  Amber, of course, promised not to evict Eric.  At last week’s HoH competition, Daniele promised Kail she would not be going home.

Our HGs are 1 for 3.  Dick, Zach and Jen naturally vote to evict Eric, but Dustin, Amber, Jameka and Jessica all vote to evict Kail.  So Dustin lies, Daniele lies, and Amber, contrary to last week’s banner, tells the truth.

The craziest part is afterwards, when Dustin lies again, telling Dick point blank he voted to evict Eric.  Suddenly, Eric is made in the shade.  With this new controversy, they know for sure it wasn’t Eric who cast this week’s “phantom vote.”

It’s stunning, and you can see the look of shock on Dick’s face when Julie Chen announces the vote.  Kail leaves, and in their farewell messages, Dick and Jen both explain how certain they are Kail won’t be watching this, because Eric is going home.  Something tells me Dick will be rethinking his strategy after this week.  Kail’s fine with it, and after being on the block three weeks in a row, it’s not like she hasn’t prepared herself for this.

Coming Soon to YouTube

The HoH competition has a Western theme and is called “Let’s Make a Duel.”  In the pantheon of great Big Brother puns, that doesn’t even make the top 50.   Two HGs face off and are asked a question about comments made in the Diary Room.  The answer is the name of one of the evicted HGs, or none of the above.  If the person buzzes in and gets it right, they stay and the other is gone.  If they’re wrong, they’re out.  This continues, and while the winner is exciting, something even more amazing happens first: Julie Chen screws up!

Eric and Jessica are asked a question, and the answer is obviously Nick.  Eric buzzes in first, and Julie Chen calls on him, but ‘accidentally’ says “Nick” instead of “Eric.”  The HGs laugh at her, and she reads another question.  Was this an honest mistake from a woman woefully unqualified for the job of reality game show host, or some large scheme to keep Eric out of the HoH room?  Let your conspiracy theories run wild.

Jessica Wins

In the end, surprisingly, Jessica wins the HoH competition.  I haven’t thought much about her until this week, she’s been one of those people flying under the radar, a bit like Zach, who I suspect no one nominates because they forget he exists.  Heck, every time I see him, I think, “Wasn’t he voted out already?”  When she wins, her little group (I refuse to accept them as the new Nerd Herd as some are calling them, because I kind of love at least four of them) goes wild.  There’s plenty of joyous celebration.

Then the camera shows Dick, and the man is seriously already thinking about what life will be like in that sequester house next week.  All you Dick lovers and Eric haters are just going to have to sit back and mope this week, because I see no way he can avoid being put up and booted, unless he tries to throw his daughter under the rails to save himself.  Which, now that I thought about it, will probably happen.

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