“I heard it on the internet, so it must be true.” Famous last words of anyone at the water cooler trying to dish spoilers on their favorite shows.  All too often, spoilers, rumors, and conjectures published on the internet prove to be far from true, a fact that Lost fans know better than anybody else.  The vast and imaginative Lost scene has developed a sort of environmentally induced reasoning capacity that results in wild speculation from even the most concise material. Thanks to Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly, we have a few examples to share, and some hit close to home.

One of the latest rumors to be shot down is the casting of Peter Stormare.  What started as a seemingly cite-less rumor became a more rigid possibility when Stormare himself made comments about being offered a role on a Swedish website.  Was this life imitating the art of rumors? 

Stormare, in the interview, even laid out a convincing basis for struggling with the decision of joining the show.  Prison Break, he claimed, became a sort of creative prison for him, and when he sought the freedom to go out and do some films, being written off turned out to be a bit of a hassle.

In the article at Entertainment Weekly, Lost Co-Showrunner/Writer/Producer/Voice Over Artist Carlton Cuse stated succinctly that the legendary Stormare offer, seemingly genuine angst and all, was in fact, “Not true.”  The less substantiated companion rumor of Forest Whitaker coming to the island?  “Also utterly false!” according to Cuse.

In the case of Whitaker, we can see how closing the book on the rumor might not be so difficult.  No official comment on the consideration from the Lost producers, and no words from Whitaker himself.  Simply baseless.  What about Stormare, though?  Did the infamous baddie seize the rumor in an attempt to turn it into an opportunity?  Regardless, for the time being, these casting rumors are completely false.  For more information on what is false, and what might be true, check out the full article on EW.com.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Jeff Jensen, Entertainment Weekly
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