The fans of So You Think You Can Dance often ask about the songs they heard on the performance episodes.  I’ve got info on everything you heard on last night’s episode from the partner routines to the solos.  Pasha and Lacey were paired up and performed a hip hop routine to “In The Morning” by Junior Boys.  They have been called an indie electronic pop group and hail from Canada.  You can find the song off their album, So This Is Goodbye.

After that, Sabra danced a solo to “Rock Your Soul” by Elisa.  She is an Italian pop star and the song can be found on her 2005 album, Lotus.  The album features 16 tracks both in English and Italian.  Danny and Lauren teamed up last night for a contemporary routine, danced to Celine Dion’s “Then You Look At Me”.  Celine has many well-known hits including, “The Power of Love”, “Because You Loved Me” and her monster song, “My Heart Will Go On” off the Titanic soundtrack.  “Then You Look at Me” is available off her greatest hits album All The Way: A Decade of Song.

Pasha’s solo was performed to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler.  By far her most popular hit, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” went #1 in both the U.S. and the U.K.  The song earned her a Grammy nomination in the early 80s.  Neil and Sabra did a jazz routine to “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics.  A British do comprised of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, they have sold 75 million records worldwide.  “Sweet Dreams” is their most commercially successful song.

Lauren’s solo was paired with Maria Mena’s “Sorry”.  Maria is a Norwegian pop artist who made her U.S. debut in 2004.  The song can be found on her 2004 album, White Turns Blue.  Pasha and Lacey were back in the second half of the show with a slow waltz to “A Daisy In December” by Mick McAuley and Winifred Horan.  Mick is a member of the Celtic group, Solas and released a solo album in 2003 called Ocean’s Breadth.

Neil chose “Out of My Hands” by Dave Matthews for his solo.  The grammy award winner has been part of Dave Matthews Band since 1991.  In recent times, Dave has tried his hand at acting, recently appearing in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry as well as other films.  The song “Out of My Hands” is off the band’s album, Stand Up.

Danny and Lauren’s second routine was a disco to “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by The Comunards.  The song was inspired by Thelma Houston’s cover but the song was originally recorded by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.  Lacey danced her solo to “Le Disko” by Shiny Toy Guns, a rock band from L.A.  The band started to gain popularity two years ago thanks to MySpace and word of mouth.  You can find their song on their 2006 album, We Are Pilots.

Neil and Sabra performed the final partner routine of the night, a paso doble set to “Espana Cani” by Juan and Gennaro.  Closing the night was Danny, whose solo was performed to “The Fear You Won’t Fall” by Joshua Radin.  If Joshua sounds familiar to you, it’s because Zach Braff is a big fan of his music and featured him on The Last Kiss movie soundtrack.  His songs have also been featured on Grey’s Anatomy.  You can find more songs by Joshua off his 2006 release, We Were Here.

That’s it.  Sorry if I just made you spend lots of money on ITunes but So You Think You Can Dance gave us some good songs last night! 

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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