Wow, what a week that was. What am I now, 1 for 3 in eviction predictions? I’m loving the uncertainty, though. I never know how these people are gonna vote. Last night was another drama filled night with accusations of diary room manipulation from Amber. I’m really surprised that they were able to keep their votes a secret, too.

I guess CBS decided to stop sugar coating their editing of Amber after her anti-semitic comments. I know the Anti-Defamation League condemned her remarks, and according to, CBS finally made a statement that they were offended by what she said, and that the remarks will not be part of any future broadcast on the CBS Television Network. Evidently she also got reprimanded in the diary room earlier. She started to say something about it to Dustin and we went to the rabbit hole. Up until tonight she got great editing. She was portrayed as the emotional, good hearted, single mom. Tonight, though, the gloves came off.

Did you see the look on Dick’s face when Julie told Eric that he was safe? That was a laugh out loud moment. I’m not a big Eric fan, nor am I a Dick hater, but I think he blew it last week. If he’d been able to keep his mouth shut, his daughter’s plan may have worked. I think a couple of those votes were more anti-Dick than pro-Eric.

Good for Jessica! She is now in the game. It is probably a good thing, though. She was left out of the equation when they were wheeling and dealing Tuesday night. Her alliance was keeping her in the dark on things. Of course now that she’s in power they are BFF again. I hope her reign doesn’t change her. She cracks me up. I’d have never imagined liking her after her stupid comments on day one about Carol being her rival over a $5 unpaid debt. She’s gone from one of my least favorite houseguests to one of my favorites.

I didn’t hear this, but Dustin told Eric that Jessica told him that she will nominate Dick and Daniele this week. If either of them win the veto and take themselves off, she’ll put up Jen. Jen is not the target at all, they want one of the Donatos out, preferably Dick.

I’m really surprised that Zach’s name was not mentioned. A few weeks ago, Jessica was quite vocal in wanting Zach out. Zach seems to be feeling a bit more comfortable. He seems to be less creepy and more relaxed. I think he was trying too hard at the beginning. The bunny suit seems to have brought out the best of him.

It seems I was a bit premature in my praise of Daniele. Now that her plan was thwarted and she’s in danger of going back on the block, whiny Daniele is back. Not even 20 minutes after the show she was in her “nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms” mood. She’s been crying to her dad that she wants to go home now, she hates everyone in the house, she doesn’t want to spend her birthday alone in the house, yada yada yada. Both daddy and daughter know that Dick is the target, but now Daniele says she doesn’t want to be in the house without her dad.

A lot of people are calling the LNC the new Nerd Herd. Umm, I don’t know. Is it just because it’s a relatively large group that tries to be in charge? They seem to have fun and they aren’t exclusive. They don’t sequester themselves, unless you count those stupid meetings. I’ve enjoyed watching their whole house games and they try to include everyone. I don’t care for Dustin or Amber, and would love to see one of them leave pretty quickly, but I don’t see the seeming mind control that Maggie exerted over her group. It will be amusing to see them jockey for position and turn on each other, though. I think we saw the beginning of it last week and it’s not gonna be pretty.

I thought Dick would explode tonight. It seems he did for a little bit, but everyone jawed back at him and I don’t think that’s as much fun for him. He kept going on and on about Dustin being a liar, Jameka being a liar, etc. NEWSFLASH!! Hey Dick? Everyone lies in this game! Didn’t you get that memo? And don’t for a second think you haven’t! For the last little bit, though, he’s been in the round room comforting his daughter. He’s promised that he will play it cool this week and not embarrass her.

So how will this week go? Will Dick keep his cool or will he find new targets to harangue? Tomorrow is the nomination ceremony and food competition, if they have one this week. Who will Jessica nominate? Will half the house be stressed on slop? We’ll get those answers soon. Until then, catch y’all in the forums.

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