The first week of Big Brother 19 looks so simple on paper. A big, majority alliance formed and all they have to do is take out one of the outsiders to keep the numbers and run the game. But Cody has other plans and they involve completely blindsiding his own alliance. As if that’s not bad enough, Cody’s secret plan also happens to blow up in his face because of the season’s big twist.

The Big Alliance

The three showmances plus Dominique, Christmas and Paul feel untouchable because they’re running this game and taking out Alex will help because she’s the toughest competitor from the outsiders. Jessica points out that Cody got choked up when he nominated Alex and she’s nauseated by his connection to her. Sounds like jealousy to me. Cody reiterates to us that he doesn’t trust Paul at all.

Alex complains to Jason about how all these girls are just going to get to the end by hooking up with strong guys. She really hates showmances and wants to take them out. She even tells this to Cody, explaining that she couldn’t work with him because all those girls he’s with hate her.

Ramses’ Curse

Because Paul took the Temptation, the HGs go into the Den one at a time to see who gets the curse. Paul picked a number at random and the order they enter the Den determines which number they are.

Ramses gets the Nomination Curse. Prior to one of the next three nomination ceremonies, he must put himself on the block as a third nominee. It’s unclear what would happen if he puts himself on the block and the HoH was planning to nominate him anyway, but at least he still gets to play for the Power of Veto.

The Power of Veto Competition

Matt, Raven and Jason are picked to play alongside Cody, Alex and Jillian. Cody secretly wants Alex to win because he respects her and has another target in mind.

The HGs must stack starfish one at a time while water pours out of their aqua clocks. They must refill the tank to get more time, because once the water is out their time is up. There’s also a golden starfish and whoever gets it will never be a Have-Not, but they will be eliminated from the competition.

Raven almost immediately takes the golden starfish, so she will never be a Have-Not. Matt gets 10 starfish stacked and decides to let his aqua clock run out, hoping that’s enough. Then Jason locks in with 14 starfish.

Cody’s stack keeps falling and Alex is so far ahead that he decides to just give up and let her take it. His clock runs out and he only has two starfish. His entire alliance knows that he’s throwing it and they think it’s fishy. Alex eventually clocks in with 16 starfish and then Jillian gets 10.

Alex wins the Power of Veto!

She’s excited to have a showmance with the PoV to take out the other showmances. Cody is happy on the inside because now he can take out someone he’s never trusted.

Cody’s Secret Plan

Cody congratulates Alex on her win and tells her he threw it. He wants to make a big game move, but not tell anyone. Paul wants the target to be Jason and he also suggests that Ramses is dangerous and people need to watch out for him. The rest of the big alliance agrees with him, except for Cody who thinks Paul is being devious. He’s not wrong since Paul is in the DR talking about pulling the strings.

We get a lot more of Jessica being super jealous of Alex, interrogating Cody about whether he threw the PoV competition while she’s straddling him. Cody explains that he isn’t worried about Alex even though Jessica and the rest of his alliance are. Maybe she should be jealous because we get to see Cody accidentally calling Jessica “Alex” while they’re in bed.

Paul tries to talk to Cody, but he gets absolutely nothing back from the emotionless HoH. Cody tells us that no one will know he’s putting Paul on the block until the ceremony. Paul gets paranoid but Christmas talks him down.

Cody makes a deal with Jason, asking him to promise to keep Dominique and the three showmances all safe next week if he doesn’t put Jason on the block. Jason takes the deal because he has no choice, but he doesn’t like it. Cody admits that he’s going to protect the other side and take out one of his own numbers because Paul and Christmas can’t be controlled.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Alex uses the Power of Veto to save herself. Cody stands up and says that one person is sowing disloyalty in the house. Cody nominates Paul.

But then the Pendant of Protection shows up on the screen and Paul explains that he has immunity for the next three evictions and can’t be nominated. Everyone looks confused and sick to their stomachs.

“Christmas, you got screwed. Take a seat.” Christmas is nominated and Paul is furious, saying that he’s going to play the victim and rally the house against Cody. His alliance is baffled and Cody is upset about the twist. Christmas vows to unleash her inner competition beast and destroy Cody.

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