Big Brother 19 is off to a rocky start, with Megan leaving the game and all hell breaking loose because of multiple nominations. Now there’s even more drama as one of the HGs was injured and their fate is uncertain.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Christmas injured her foot early Monday morning and is being checked out by the show’s medical team. After waking up, Christmas and Jason were playing in the backyard, with her riding on his back, when he slipped on a patch of wet grass and they fell down. Apparently Christmas hurt or maybe broke her foot with a swollen ankle and was taken away to urgent care, though she was told she will be allowed to re-enter the game (provided the injury isn’t too serious).

BB19 Spoilers: Christmas on the Block>>>

Several HGs were laughing about the fact that Christmas, who is now on the block after Alex saved herself and an attempt to backdoor Paul was thwarted by his Pendant of Protection, was Cody’s fifth nominee this week and now he may have to put a sixth person on the block.

Here’s a clip from the live feeds showing Christmas after the fall, lying in the backyard and asking production for help. Warning, there’s a lot of cursing.

With Christmas on the block next to Jillian, this injury could be a blessing. Christmas is definitely viewed as a huge physical threat, but an ankle injury could make that a non-issue. It already seemed as though the vote was leaning towards keeping Christmas and evicting Jillian, so this may help that cause. Or it could hurt it if people don’t think there’s a reason to keep Christmas if they were relying on her to win competitions.

UPDATE: Christmas returned to the house about six hours later with a cast on her left foot and using crutches. She explained that she tore some ligaments and will have to leave the house again on Wednesday for an MRI to see if she has any fractures. She’s in high spirits and it’s unclear if she’s definitely back in the game for good or if Wednesday’s MRI may result in her having to leave the game.

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