Big Brother 19 started things off with three showmances in the first week. Cody and Jessica immediately paired off, Mark and Elena are getting closer and Matt and Raven are flirting and adorable. But which pair has what it takes to go the distance (in the game, at least)?

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In recent seasons, showmances have definitely made it very far. Corey and Nicole both reached the Final 4 of season 18 as did Shane and Danielle on season 14. Seasons 11 and 17 both featured a showmance in the Top 5 (Jeff and Jordan, then Austin and Liz). With three clear showmances on Big Brother19, it stand to reason that one of them could see both halves making it to the end.

Jessica and Cody

Despite Cody being the first HoH, it would be truly shocking if these two survived together in the house until the end. Cody’s decisions regarding the Power of Veto ceremony alienated most of his allies while Jessica’s aggressive campaigning is only making her a target. Right now these two look more like Jeremy and Kaitlin from season 15, both of whom were evicted pre-jury.

Raven and Matt

More than any of the other two showmances, these two seem to be flying under the radar. They mostly stick to themselves and don’t seem to be playing as hard or with as many people as the others. That could be a good thing, but their biggest hurdle is that they may be too low-key to gather any support. To survive, showmances need strong allies protecting them (Nicorey had Paulie, Liztin had Vanessa). Will Matt and Raven be able to find someone who helps protect them through the first two-thirds of the game?

Elena and Mark

This is easily the most interesting showmance because there are outside factors. Elena is doing a good job of branching out and trying to find alternate allies (like Paul and even Ramses). Meanwhile, Mark has a very strong friendship with Dominique. Mark might look like a big, strong guy, but he’s probably the most naive of these men in showmances, wearing his heart on his sleeve and being largely ruled by emotions, which the women can help mold.

The Cody/Jessica showmance seems doomed and the Matt/Raven showmance feels untethered to the game, so I might go with Mark and Elena as the ones to go far. They have multiple allies who they are working with and aren’t simply tied at the hip, which could serve them well. Or it could end up making them big threats, allowing Matt and Raven to skate to the end without having to worry much at all.

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