In the first two weeks of Big Brother 19, the Power of Veto was used to try and backdoor the HoH’s real target. But with Alex and Paul fixated on taking out Dominique, has the PoV changed anything?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Jason won the Power of Veto.

He did not use it.

There were some fireworks at the ceremony as Dominique apparently gave a speech throwing Elena under the bus. Paul went through with his plan to dress up like a snake, hissing at Dominique, although he didn’t go with the full black face mask. Instead, he painted a diamond on his forehead and streaks under his eyes.

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There was a lot of drama over the weekend with Jason going back and forth over whether or not to use it on Jessica, and he changed his mind about a thousand times.

Basically, Jason originally wanted to use the Power of Veto to save Jessica so Alex could put Raven on the block as a pawn to ensure that Dominique would be evicted. But Paul pushed very hard for Mark to be the pawn since he’s the only person who would campaign for Dominique, and Alex agreed. The problem is that Jason likes Mark and Jason didn’t want his buddy going on the block, not to mention Mark’s fear that he would be a target if he was on the block.

This went around and around in circles for several days, but Jason ultimately realized that Dominique has dug herself into such a hole that she will be evicted no matter what, so why bother using the PoV.

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Now there are several things to watch out for this week. Who will win the third and final Den of Temptation? Will the HGs start to anticipate the Battle Back that we know is coming? And what will the final vote count be, because a lot of HGs are very suspicious to see if we get any more hinky votes.

Another interesting development to watch out for is that Jason is getting a little sick and tired of how much influence Paul has. Every time he and Alex make a decision she wants to loop in Paul or run it by him, and Jason is definitely frustrated by this idea that Paul needs to approve of everything before they do it.

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