The most important endurance competition of Big Brother 17 is here. Following Johnny Mac’s eviction, six HGs (Steve, Vanessa, Meg, James and the twins) started a new HoH competition. However, they weren’t alone. The first four members of the jury, Shelli, Jackie, Becky and John, returned to the house to participate as well.
Whichever one of the four jurors lasts the longest will come back into the house for a second chance at winning the game. In addition, whoever lasts the longest will be the new HoH, and it could be the returning juror.

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The competition involves holding onto a rope and a small platform and spinning in the air in circles, getting slapped by two giant hands.

Here is my live blog of the HoH competition from the feeds. As always, all times are Big Brother 17 local time, aka PST.

7pm: Before the live show even ended, Julia fell off during the commercial break and then Steve and Meg dropped.

7pm: Julia, Steve and Meg are OUT!

7:01pm: James is OUT!

7:02pm: Liz, Becky, Jackie and Shelli are OUT!

7:03pm: Johnny Mac IS BACK IN THE GAME!

7:03pm: John is OUT!

7:03pm: Vanessa is the new HoH!

Wow. It’s only about 10 minutes and we already have a winner. What a lame competition. Even worse, crazy Vanessa is back in charge.

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There wasn’t exactly a deal made before they fell since it happened so quickly. When the feeds returned, the AusTwins were plotting to ensure that Johnny Mac gets immediately evicted again. Austin says that John didn’t take Vanessa’s deal, so she can still nominate him. Along with Meg and James, the AusTwins are already hoping Vanessa will nominate the same people Austin did. So this could be a repeat week.

Vanessa is only the third HG to win three HoH comps in one season. However, she’s only the sixth woman to do it.

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