If you only watch Big Brother 15 on CBS, the season has barely begun. We saw the HGs move in and McCrae won the first HoH. But on the live feeds, the week is basically done. The nominations were made, the MVP was revealed, the Power of Veto is over and there’s an eviction plan in place. Of course with four days to go, anything can happen.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

McCrae nominated Jessie and Candice, Elissa is the MVP and nominated David, McCrae also won the Power of Veto and now he has saved Candice and nominated Elissa in her place.

But while some people think Elissa is the target (and that was the original plan), things have changed and David is on his way out.

A massive group of eight people have conspired to save Elissa. It’s all a part of a massive plot devised by McCrae and Nick as part of their Moving Company alliance to split up and form two rival alliances in the house, turning them against each other while keeping each other safe from the crossfire.

The side that wants to save David is known as the Blonde-tourage (or, derogatively, as Bieber Fever). They’re the younger kids, mostly people who haven’t seen the show before, don’t understand the rules and get bogged down in petty romantic drama. Led by David and Aaryn (the blonde showmance), it also includes Jessie, Kaitlin and GinaMarie, plus Nick and Jeremy, though both of those guys are part of the Moving Company and working as double agents covertly with McCrae, Spencer and Howard.

The side trying to save Elissa is led by McCrae and Amanda (Amanda has attached herself to McCrae and is taking all the credit for this master plan, even though it was really devised by McCrae and Nick). They’ve recruited Spencer, Howard, Judd, Andy and Helen to keep Elissa. It’s basically a huge alliance of superfans of the show who understand the rules and don’t care about emotional drama. They also believe Elissa will win the MVP every week (because she’s Rachel’s sister), and so they only want to keep her so they can use her to control the third nomination.

It’s kind of funny, because I’m sure Rachel Reilly wants to keep her sister safe and encourage her fans to vote for her as the MVP, but inside the house, everyone else has absolutely no respect for Elissa and plan on evicting her as soon as they don’t need her. So Rachel’s support may actually help the people who hate her sister.

Right now, if everything stays according to plan, here’s how the votes should go.

Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Jeremy will all vote to evict Elissa (Jeremy knows David is going, but will vote this way to stick with his side alliance).

Spencer, Howard, Amanda, Helen, Andy and Judd will vote to evict David.

The two wild cards are Nick and Candice. It’s unclear to me if Nick is going to vote to evict Elissa in order to keep up appearances with the Blonde-tourage or if he’ll vote to evict David to ensure he goes home and the blood stays off McCrae’s hands.

As for Candice, the plan is for Spencer to tell her at the last minute to vote to evict Jessie just to have a rogue vote in the mix, and his plan is to completely deny the whole thing if Candice exposes him afterwards. Spencer has repeatedly referred to Candice as living in “No Man’s Land” and it’s obvious he has absolutely no respect for her and assumes she’ll do whatever he tells her to do.

The idea is to convince Aaryn and the rest of the Blonde-tourage that McCrae had no idea about the plot to evict David and everyone else in the alliance of superfans will play dumb too. That’s nice in theory, but in practice, I assume fireworks will go off in week 2, especially if someone like Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jessie or GinaMarie (or, God forbid, Candice) wins the HoH.

Can this plan stay strong? Will the older crowd knock out Bieber Fever one-by-one? Will the Moving Company be able to save each other when Amanda is already on the warpath to send Jeremy home next week?

And are you disappointed that David is going since he’s so clueless about the cameras that, on Saturday afternoon, he got completely naked while changing in the bedroom  and exposed his junk to anyone watching the live feeds?

Big Brother 15 has only just begun, but already it’s intense. My favorite part is that the older people, who are quite familiar with the show, are so convinced that they are solid and will absolutely be able to steamroll the other side and make it to jury without breaking a sweat. How can people so familiar with the show honestly think everything will work out exactly as they plan it?

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