Tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen is the conclusion of last week’s cliffhanger. Audiences held their breath as Ramsay welcomed five chefs into the kitchen to cook as a team against the final five. Who could this mysterious band of cooks be?

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For the first time EVER, Chef Ramsay welcomes five of Hell’s Kitchen‘s past winners back to the kitchen as competition for this season’s final five. The winners consist of:

Season 3 Winner: Rock

Season 4 Winner: Christina

Season 6 Winner: Dave

Season 8 Winner: Nona

Season 9 Winner: Paul

Five on Five Dinner Service Challenge: Each team must decide on one appetizer and one entree to add to tomorrow night’s dinner service.

Final Five- Steak tartar and pan seared duck breast.

Even though their entree was missing the duck confit, they get their act together to satisfy Ramsay before service starts.

Five Champs- Rendered duck breast 

Five vs Five Dinner Service

Right out of the gate, Nona of the champions looks to be letting her ego get the best of her. Not having cooked for Ramsay in years isn’t really a satisfactory excuse for almost causing her team to fall behind because of slowly cooking risotto. The Final Five’s appetizers move out of the kitchen rather smoothly thanks to a loud and squeaky Mary, something that Jon resents.

Entrees almost buckle in the Final Five kitchen when Susan fails to fire the cappellini correctly, which will probably hang over her head during elimination. Meanwhile, Winner Paul refired lamb only to have the diner send it back because it’s still too rare. 

In the last minutes of service, the Final Five are on the right track to finish strong and finish first, that is, until Cyndi’s lamb is also sent back from the dining room. Then to make things worse, the refire is even worse than her first attempt! Nominations for eliminations should be easily selected.

By diners’ comment cards, Ramsay reads off the percentage of diners who were pleased with either kitchen.

93% – Final Five

95% – Five Champs

Winner: Champs

Just as expected, Susan is nominated because of the cappellini. As for the second spot on the chopping block, Cyndi is under the spotlight. Yet it’s all to no avail because no one leaves the competition, AGAIN! Is Ramsay going soft, or what?

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen, tensions reach the roof as the women yell and kick and scream up a storm. Plus, model/actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. makes a cameo, ladies!

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