Mikey was not given a rose last week, which isn’t all that surprising given the fact that he had’t had a one-on-one date, and he was mostly been shown having fun rather than being serious about trying to find love. However, he was surprised.

He discussed his time on The Bachelorette, the drama that’s going to unfold next week with his best friend in the house and more.

On His Connection with Desiree:

Mikey said he felt a connection with Desiree as soon as he got out of the limo, both physically and intellectually. He said things between progressed naturally, like a real relationship would over time.

Mikey did note that he wasn’t sure what type of guy Desiree’s looking for because she seems to connect with different men. He specifically pointed out Brooks as someone whose personality and looks were the complete opposite of his (more on that below).

Mikey went on to say his response over moving away from Chicago — “if you’re in love with someone you’ll make it work” — might have cemented his elimination because it wasn’t good enough or it wasn’t the answer Desiree was looking for.

“Of course I would’ve loved more time, and I feel like I could’ve furthered things,” Mikey said.

On James and His Comments About Being the Next Bachelor:

It started with Monday’s episode, with Kasey and Drew wanting to confront James over what they heard between Mikey and James: That James wanted to be the next Bachelor. This particular conversation happened off camera so we have no idea who’s telling the truth. Desiree canceling the cocktail party meant that Kasey and Drew didn’t get a chance to pull her aside and talk to her.

Previews for next week’s show lead us to believe that Desiree will find out about James’ comments. But Mikey wholeheartedly defended his friend.

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“Basically, what happened was James and I were on the group date together in Germany on the mountain top,” Mikey said. “If you recall, Brooks got the group date rose. I was good friends with James on the show — so him and I talked afterwords and we both felt we had a good shot at that group date rose. 

“So when Brooks got it, I was upset. There were some guys I had similarities with in the house and some guys I was the opposite to, and I felt like I was opposite Brooks in terms of my looks and personality. So I continue to see him get roses, especially with the group date in Germany, I was frustrated. 

“And what happened was, James and I were talking on the way back in the car, and I was kind of airing it out. James and I were talking as friends talk. What we said was, ‘We hope this works out. If it doesn’t, we both live in Chicago, we’ll have a good time this summer.’ I did mention the fact that I have a boat and will take it out. It was a normal conversation. There was no mention of who’s going to be the next Bachelor — anything like that.”

Mikey went on to say that the conversation was James wasn’t relevant at all in terms of sharing it with the other men or Desiree, and never would’ve imagined it would go that far, in terms of Desiree eventually getting wind of it.

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On His Thoughts of Desiree’s Date with Michael and Ben:

Mikey and Michael have been the two most vocal people when it comes to their negative feelings over Ben. He said Michael handled the situation well.

“I was proud of Michael because all the issues we had with Ben, Michael kind of brought up to Desiree. I don’t think any of the other guys did that thus far this season,” Mikey said. “I was proud of the fact that he brought up some of the real pressing things all the rest of the guys saw and learned in Ben. 

Michael had a lot of built-up frustration and I thought he went about it a good way. He was diligent about it — he didn’t scream and yell and go nuts.”

On Bryden Quitting the Show:

Mikey said he considered Bryden to be a front-runner so therefore was shocked to see him leave. The men knew about Bryden’s second thoughts in Atlantic City, so Germany was the beginning of the end.

“He’s an honest guy. I have nothing but respect for him. And as Desiree talked about it on the show, it’s a two-way street,” Mikey said. 

The Bachelorette airs at 8pm Mondays on ABC.

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