In the Big Brother 15 house, HoH McCrae has made his two nominations, the MVP made the third nomination and now it’s the Power of Veto competition, which is as fierce and complicated as ever with so many moving parts.

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Week 1 Power of Veto Results

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

McCrae nominated Jessie and Candice. Elissa is the MVP and she nominated David. Howard and Elissa were also chosen to play in the PoV.

McCrae won the Power of Veto. It involved honey and spelling, so it was a variation of the typical first PoV competition where the HGs had to wade through a pit of honey to collect letters to spell the biggest word. McCrae won with “delivery.” It sounds like this season’s “technotronics” moment involved Elissa spelling “potroast,” which is two words.

So this makes two wins in a row for McCrae, which is going to make him quite the target. But it also forces him to make a choice. He’s promised nearly everyone that he will backdoor Elissa and he promised that Candice and Jessie were both pawns.

He can stay true to his promise, save one of them, and nominate Elissa, in which case she will almost certainly go home unless something big changes in the next week. Or he can choose Elissa over the rest of the house. But that would be like committing suicide in the game.

Right now it seems inevitable that McCrae will use the Power of Veto on either Jessie or Candice and backdoor Elissa. He’s painted himself into a corner where that’s the only option, or the entire house will hate him. On the live feeds, before the competition, McCrae even told Elissa, to her face, that he would have to nominate her if he was in this position.

UPDATE: Already there’s mad scheming going on. Nick has approached McCrae about a strategy that would send David home since he’s the biggest threat. Nick suggests leaving the nominations the same and getting rid of David, leaving a void in the Blonde-tourage alliance featuring David, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Nick, and GinaMarie. Nick sees this as an opportunity to fill the vacuum left by David to lead the Blonde-tourage and turn them against the rest of the house, blaming them.

McCrae, however, wants to save Candice and nominate Elissa, since he’s promised everyone he would and doesn’t want to go back on his word, but he is eager to go along with Nick’s master plan to get David out and save Elissa. Then the next week they want to take out Amanda so the Moving Company can then steamroll all the useless pawns.

Check out the Power of Veto competition and ceremony Tuesday at 9pm on Big Brother 15 on CBS.

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