On the premiere of Big Brother 15, Julie Chen announced that this year’s twist involves America voting for an MVP who will nominate a third houseguest for eviction. Some of the details were clear, but you may have a few questions, and once the live feeds showed up, we learned the disturbing truth about the rules.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

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The major revelation came from Kaitlin and is this rather disappointing twist: If the Power of Veto is used on the MVP’s nominee, then the MVP gets to name the replacement nominee and not the HoH.

McCrae nominated Jessie and Candice, but now all of the focus is on the MVP twist. And it turns out my worst fears are coming true.

First of all, everyone seems to know that Elissa is Rachel Reilly’s sister. Candice takes the credit for being the first person to mention it and then she told Jessie, who told everyone else. The fact that McCrae nominated the two people who exposed Elissa’s secret makes others think he’s secretly working with her (which it seems he is), and that makes everyone angry at McCrae for going against the will of the house. The general consensus is that Elissa is every bit as crazy as Rachel (Howard called her “crazy ass”) and they all want her to get backdoored. McCrae promised to backdoor Elissa, but this new MVP twist makes that harder.

There are already accusations that the game is being rigged for Rachel’s sister. They all assume that Elissa is the MVP, which seems logical since her connection to Rachel gave her a gigantic advantage when America had to vote without seeing the show. I assumed this as well, because it’s obviously a twist designed to help Elissa. Although Candice tries to rationalize the possibility of someone else winning because there are a lot of Rachel haters and she thinks all of gay America will vote for Andy. I disagree, but it was a hilarious rant she went on.

Now Aaryn is worried that she will be Elissa’s MVP nominee, which is bad because no one will use the PoV on her since Elissa would get to name the replacement nominee when the plan is for McCrae to backdoor Elissa.

Watching the live feeds, it became obvious that Aaryn, the blonde bimbo in a showmance with David the clueless lifeguard, is actually the smartest person in the house. She understands every aspect of the twist and producer manipulation and she’s angry that some HGs don’t understand how the PoV works (Kaitlin and Jeremy both expressed fear that they would get nominated if they used the Power of Veto). Like me, she’s frustrated that she worked so hard to get on this show that she loves while other idiots don’t even understand the rules and were recruited.

She knows that the ultimate goal is to make sure the Power of Veto is used on Jessie or Candice. That will force McCrae to name a replacement nominee, and since he’s already told many people that he wants to backdoor Elissa, he would either do it (and she probably goes home) or he’d piss off everyone by going back on his word.

I’m on record as pre-judging Elissa solely because she’s Rachel’s sister, and now it seems my worst fears are realized. Everyone thinks she’s crazy, everyone hates her, everyone assumes that the MVP twist is designed to give her an advantage and that she’ll win it every week because Rachel and Brendon are outside the house rallying all of their fans to vote for her to win.

In other words, Big Brother 15 is rigged for Elissa’s benefit. And the fact that the MVP also gets to name the replacement nominee if the PoV is used on her or his nomination is the proof.

The first week is shaping up to be exciting as everyone navigates the confusing and choppy waters of this new twist. Is Elissa the MVP and will Aaryn be her nominee? Who will win the Power of Veto? If it’s used, will Elissa or McCrae get to name the replacement and who will it be? So many questions.

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