While only one episode of Big Brother 15 has aired on CBS, a lot has happened in the first 24 hours of live feeds. We’ve learned who HoH McCrae nominated as well as who won the first MVP. We also saw dozens of secret alliances plus a hilariously juvenile love triangle.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

McCrae nominated Jessie and Candice. Elissa is the MVP (she told McCrae). The third nominee is David. Also, Elissa and Howard are two of the HGs chosen to compete in the Power of Veto and GinaMarie will host it.

This is exactly what McCrae told Elissa to do, and when the feeds come back, McCrae tells Amanda that Elissa told him she’s the MVP. So now we have to wait for the Power of Veto competition to see what happens, although we know that Elissa was chosen to compete in the PoV.

Following McCrae’s confession to Amanda, he then tells Elissa about it and she’s angry that he spilled the beans because now she thinks Amanda will tell everyone else. It’s funny to watch Elissa be upset, because she thinks that she can start rumors that one of the other guys is the MVP to turn them against each other. The problem is that everyone knows Elissa is Rachel’s sister (when McCrae was talking to Amanda, he accidentally called Elissa Rachel) and everyone already assumes Elissa is the MVP.

It’s unclear who else was chosen to compete in the Power of Veto, but there are only a few options.

If Jessie or Candice win, or if many other HGs win, one of them will come off the block and McCrae will be forced to nominate Elissa because he’s told everyone that he would. Howard has said if he wins, he’ll do the same thing.

If Elissa wins the Power of Veto, she’ll probably leave the nominations the same.

If David wins, things get interesting. If he saves himself, then Elissa the MVP will get to name the replacement nominee. However, he might be dumb enough to be convinced to use the Power of Veto on Jessie or Candice so that McCrae will get to choose the replacement nominee and he can backdoor Elissa. I know a nominee not using the PoV on himself is the dumbest move imaginable (just ask Marcellas), but with three nominees and the MVP twist, it might make sense.

Figuring Out All the Alliances

Trying to suss out who is being truthful about their alliances has become difficult watching the live feeds, but here are some of the many, many groupings I’ve noticed.

McCrae, Nick, Jeremy, Howard and Spencer are in an alliance called the Moving Company (or MC). It seems a bit like the Brigade, full of strong guys.

Nick and Jeremy are also working with David, Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie in the Blonde-tourage (an alliance of couples led by the blonde showmance of David and Aaryn). However, Nick and Jeremy’s inclusion with them is part of a side alliance that the MC knows about.

McCrae, as HoH, also seems to have secret partnerships with most of the house, including Elissa, Andy and Judd, who feed in information but try to act like they’re not together. They all have one-on-one conversations with him and think they’re so sneaky.

McCrae’s OTHER alliance involves working with Amanda and Howard, with the possibility of eventually bringing Jeremy and maybe Kaitlin into their group (which seems fairly Quack Pack-ish, with Jeremy and Kaitlin as the Shane and Danielle).

No one other than McCrae really wants to work with Elissa (though she seems to be under the impression that Judd and Howard are on her side). Helen initially teamed with Elissa, but she has since been clued in on the fact that the entire house hates Elissa and wants her gone, which has made Helen second guess her choices.

That basically leaves the two nominees, Jessie and Candice, adrift without any real alliances. The rest of the house seems to view them both as expendable.

The Love Triangle

The biggest non-game drama in the house is coming from a love triangle between Jessie, Jeremy and Kaitlin. For the first few days, Jessie flirted and snuggled with Jeremy, but Jeremy is a flirty guy and he has since moved on to become closer with Kaitlin. This makes Jessie incredibly jealous.

Basically, Jessie is mad that the boy she likes is into another girl, Jeremy is getting frustrated that this high school crap might mess up his game and Kaitlin is so over this petty nonsense because she’s not obsessively in love with Jeremy like Jessie seems to be. At one point Kaitlin was talking about the drama to Amanda, who actually used the phrase “bitches be crazy” to describe Jessie.

I’d like to point out that when the cast was announced and I watched their introductory interviews, this was my first impression of Jeremy: “I imagine the ladies are gonna go crazy fighting over him.” I had no idea how right I would be.

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