Big Brother 15 is in the home stretch, and for some reason the show insists on doing nominations at this point. It matters a little bit, but the Power of Veto becomes a lot more important than HoH in these last two weeks. Still, this week’s HoH has made nominations that tell us everything we need to know.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Spencer is the HoH. He nominated McCrae and GinaMarie.

The plan is for the Exterminators to take out McCrae, but the cover story is that the guys are working together and they’ll get rid of GM instead. So if Spencer, Andy or Judd win the Power of Veto, the nominations will stay the same and McCrae gets evicted. If GM wins the Power of Veto, Judd will be the replacement nominee, but McCrae will still be evicted. If McCrae wins the Power of Veto, that’s when things get messy.

Spencer would nominate Judd against GM, though I’m not sure which way the vote would land. There would be pros and cons to both sides, though the current thinking is to get rid of Judd (since GM is easier to beat and more likely to continue to go after McCrae).

In addition to the nominations, the past 24 hours have been filled with random punishments and rewards. McCrae and GinaMarie have been tied together with a friendship bracelet since midnight (for 24 hours), Judd has to do exercises every time a drill sergeant blows his whistle over the speaker. And Andy got to play in some type of game to win money, and while he could’ve earned up to $5,000, he only won $94.

This is the third nomination for both McCrae and GinaMarie, far behind Spencer’s seven, but well ahead of Andy and Judd, who have each only been nominated once all season. However, McCrae is the only person who has yet to face an eviction vote as the Power of Veto was used on him the past two times he was nominated. Aside from McCrae, Andy and GinaMarie have also never had a single vote cast against them.

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