Now that the new American Idol judges for season 13 have been announced, everyone wants to know if there will be chemistry among the panel and what kind of a judge Harry Connick, Jr. will be. We’ve got answers to both, and they are sure to satisfy fans. And with Nigel Lythgoe no longer working on the show, what does he think of the new judges? Also, Jennifer Hudson has a new song out that’s in her new film Winnie Mandela.

Jennifer Lopez & Harry Connick, Jr. Announced as New Idol Judges, Randy Jackson to Mentor >>>

Harry Connick, Jr. Says “There’s a New Sheriff in Town”

We’ve seen Harry Connick, Jr. guest mentor on Idol twice before, so we already kind of know what he’s going to be like. But with the auditions having started this week, what does he think he’s going to be like as a judge? “I’m going to be mean as hell,” he joked with a reporter for FOX 25 Boston. “There’s a new sheriff in town. I’m saying no to everybody. Before they walk in, it’s a no.” That’s HCJ for you, always bringing the funny. But when pressed on his judging style, he doesn’t believe in giving the contestants false hope. “As far as breaking hearts, if you save somebody years of indecision by telling them, ‘I don’t think this is the right thing,’ you’ve done them a favor.”

After the debacle that was the judging panel of season 12, fans are hoping everyone gets along and that there’s chemistry once again at the table. Take a look at this short clip (courtesy of the Associated Press) from a press conference held right in the audition room. Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry feel relaxed and comfortable with each other, and are more than willing to joke around and have fun. It starts off with Keith saying Harry’s a pianist, but it sounds more like a different word, which has J.Lo breaking down laughing. It all goes downhill from there, but in a very good way.

Aren’t you loving their chemistry? It feels so reassuring to know that there’s zero tension and everyone talks to each other and you’re not worried about someone starting an unnecessary argument.

Nigel Lythgoe Reacts to New Judges

Nigel Lythgoe no longer works on American Idol, but we of course want to get his opinion on the new judging lineup. Apparently, this is the exact lineup he proposed to FOX for season 12. And as we all know, that never ended up happening. It’s funny that the executives didn’t think he was useful to the show anymore, yet they’re using one of his ideas — a big one, in fact.

“It feels a little bit like a kick in the teeth,” he told Yahoo. “I’m thrilled for Idol. At least they’ve made one good decision this season, and it’s a great decision.” And what does he think of Randy Jackson replacing Jimmy Iovine as the new in-house mentor? “I think Randy is a fantastic ambassador. I’m sorry that they’ve lost Jimmy Iovine. [He] was a good voice and a good opinion, whether you agreed with him or disagreed with him.”

Check out the entire interview below to find out if Nigel would ever consider returning to Idol:

Trailer for Jennifer Hudson’s Winnie Mandela >>>

Jennifer Hudson’s Theme Song for Winnie Mandela

Winnie Mandela, the new film coming out Friday, September 6, about the wife of former South African president Nelson Mandela, stars Jennifer Hudson in the titular role. But that’s not all she’s contributing to the project. She’s also providing the theme song, “Bleed for Love,” which you can listen to below. It’s a beautiful tune that captures J-Hud’s talent perfectly, allowing her to belt out that powerhouse voice with ease.

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