It’s time for another live double eviction on Big Brother 15! The first one featured Candice and GinaMarie’s war of words and the blindsiding of Judd, and now with only seven HGs remaining, there’s sure to be some drama.

Before we get to the insanity of a new HoH competition, nominations, PoV competition and eviction, the HGs will decide between Amanda and Spencer (who is facing his sixth eviction vote with his seventh nomination). Based on the live feeds, I feel confident that this first vote is going to come as a huge surprise to several of the HGs, which is only going to make the double eviction even more intense.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

Julie Chen is in lime green and announces that this is the 500th episode of Big Brother. Wow, that’s a lot, and I hope this night is worthy of that distinction.

Amanda’s Campaign

Spencer feels comfortable on the block because he trusts the Exterminators. Amanda still thinks GM’s decision is personal because she’s jealous of McCranda’s relationship since Nick isn’t in the house. GM denies it and keeps saying that it’s a smart move for her not to get rid of Elissa, which it is.

Since Amanda thinks she has McCrae and Andy’s votes, she decides to campaign to Elissa. It’s crazy, but the argument is that McCranda and Andy could protect her and that Amanda will be a bigger target to keep Elissa safe. It’s actually pretty reasonable, which is why I’m shocked that it works.

Elissa not only considers keeping Amanda, but she actually pulls the trigger and tells Amanda that she’s going to keep her. I agree it’s smart to keep Elissa safe a little while longer, but it’s not smart if you want to win. Elissa even offers to give Amanda her wedding ring.

Amanda and Elissa share the “good news” with Andy. He freaks out because this destroys his plan to float between the two sides of the house. McCrae is less optimistic about this plan working and doesn’t fully trust Andy.

Andy is STILL the biggest rat and runs back to tell the Exterminators about this plot. It’s almost funny how Andy usually runs back to Amanda and tells her what other people say, and now he’s running back and telling others what Amanda is up to.

The First Eviction

Julie notes that Spencer and Amanda were both on the block during the last double eviction, so this is a nice coincidence.

Spencer just lists off a bunch of names. He’s clearly bored with giving these speeches. Amanda claims she’ll respect any decision the HGs make.

Judd votes to evict (and exterminate)…Amanda
McCrae votes to evict…Spencer
Elissa votes to evict…Spencer
Andy votes to exterminate (I mean evict)…Amanda

It’s a 2-2 tie!

GinaMarie evicts Amanda!

When Julie announces the tie, Amanda’s eyes dart to Elissa and Andy. GM puts on Nick’s hat and says “Amanda, get to steppin.'” Before leaving, Amanda tells Andy “I thought I could trust you.”

Once Amanda is outside, she says that she suspects people may not like her. She seems genuinely confused about what happened. She thinks maybe Elissa turned on her, so now she’s keeping Elissa’s wedding ring. She then says her final comment to Andy was actually designed to HELP his game, because she wanted people to THINK he turned on her. Oh, you silly girl.

Amanda is far more eloquent about defending her bullying than Aaryn was, though she admits that she regrets what she did to Elissa. Amanda then boasts that “I’m not a Jordan,” and it makes me like her. She also says she admires McCrae’s personality and that the plan is for him to move to Florida so she can be his Sugar Mama.

Goodbye Messages: Elissa says she voted to keep Amanda. GM gloats about how Amanda got exterminated. Andy admits he voted her out and reveals the Exterminators. Awesome. Amanda is a little pissed and promises that Elissa will get her ring back.

The HoH Competition

The HGs must dig to find two bones and bring them back in order to win.

McCrae is the first to find a bone, followed by Elissa and Judd. The McCrae gets his second bone.

McCrae is the new HoH!

Ruh-roh. But kudos to McCrae on his second HoH and his second competition win in a row. It’s amazing how he won the first two, then didn’t win forever, now he’s back to winning.

The Nominations

McCrae nominates GinaMarie and Elissa.

Ooh, it looks like Andy’s plot to frame Elissa for the second vote against Amanda worked! That’s some solid gameplay. This is Elissa’s fifth nomination and GinaMarie’s second, though it’s only the first time GM has ever been nominated by a fellow HG.

The Power of Veto Competition

Now that we’re down to six, everyone plays for the PoV. It’s a maze raze, just like the shark one Ian won during last year’s double eviction. This is one of those competitions where there’s no telling who’s in the lead until it’s over.

Judd wins the Power of Veto!

Kudos to Judd on his first ever PoV win. I’m sure it’s nice to feel safe after what happened at the last double eviction. And goodbye, Elissa. Which is hilarious, because it means the next HoH competition will just feature the four members of the Exterminators. Also, Spencer is now the only person left who hasn’t won at least  two competitions.

Before the ceremony, there’s a lot of fighting going on with Elissa about who knew about Judd being backdoored the last time. During the speeches, GM throws Elissa under the bus.

Judd does NOT use the Power of Veto.

In other words, the first SIX members of the jury will all be women. And after we entered the Top 9 with six women and three men, we’re now headed to the Final 5 with four dudes and GM.

The Second Eviction

Elissa says she’s never lied to Judd and never nominated Spencer (except as MVP) and GM has more votes in the jury. GM says she’s “loyal to the death.” I know she said terrible things at the start of the season, but I’m really starting to like her. I blame Aaryn for being a bad influence on her.

Spencer votes to evict…Elissa (after Julie makes a joke about how rarely Spencer gets to vote)
Judd votes to evict (and exterminate)…Elissa
Andy ecstatically votes to evict…Elissa

Elissa is evicted 3-0!

Elissa ignores Julie and tries to get her back before leaving. She hugs no one and says goodbye to no one.

OMG, in the interview with Julie, Elissa says she thinks McCrae voted to evict Amanda because Andy looked so shocked. Holy cow, is Andy that great of a liar, or is Elissa just THAT stupid? Elissa is just really unhappy and clueless.

That’s it for tonight. There will be a special eviction episode on Wednesday and ANOTHER eviction episode on Thursday to get down to the Final 3. Also, Wednesday will feature the return of a past winner with a special announcement. I’ll bet any amount of money it’s Hayden Moss to promote the new season of Survivor.

It’s funny that in the first 76 days, only nine people left the house, and now, in the span of one week, four more will go (two tonight, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday).

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