Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was not pleased with how Bravo edited her in this week’s episode. And instead of sounding off about it on her Bravo blog, she wrote about it on her personal blog this week.

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First, she started off by praising herself for keeping an open mind at their therapeutic retreat in Arizona, while subtlety shaming Melissa for doing the opposite.

“Well, I loved this episode and I hated it,” she wrote. “I loved it because I really loved the entire experience in Arizona. I love new things. You didn’t see me making fun of the counselors or putting it down or whining in bed because I really appreciated everything about it.”

Then Teresa went into why she hated watching the episode and her problems with the editing.

“I hated this episode though because you got to see everyone else’s full experience with Wyatt the Horse Whisperer except mine. I know they can’t show everything, but both my brother and I were able to approach the horse with openness and honesty, and he lifted his leg for both of us. For me, it was a really big accomplishment, and I’m sorry you didn’t get to see it.”

And then Teresa took issue with one of Melissa’s tweets that read, “Wish Teresa, Joe, and I could have gotten more out of the ‘horse.’ I think we all missed a big opportunity … still not opening up…”

“I’m also sorry that Melissa chose to speak for me on Twitter and say that we all regretted not opening up for the horse,” Teresa clarified. “I don’t regret it because I did open up! Why she alone didn’t is for her to explain.”

Teresa also defended herself against Caroline’s comments that she and Melissa are very much alike, and that’s why they butt heads so much.

“For Caroline to say I’m just like Melissa, and that I’m superficial, says a lot about her character. She saw that I did open myself up to the experience, so for her to lie like that makes no sense to me. I thought we were there for healing, and I certainly didn’t belittle her for her fears. She was miserable the entire trip, fighting with Albert the whole time. And she has the nerve to say I didn’t embrace it? Disappointing.”

She did, however, admit that the cameras caught an honest moment between her and Jacqueline, who finally seem to be on their way to repairing their friendship.

“You could see how into the whole experience I was when Jacqueline was up there crying and I ran up to give her a hug. I was just really happy the whole time, so happy we were all there to support each other.”

Well, it looks like Teresa is going to have to learn to trust her castmates (and sister-in-law) a lot more by next week’s episode:

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Gina Pusateri

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