The quest for power is over in Revolution season 2. Miles and Monroe are found in two entirely different circumstances when the show picks up after the nuclear explosions in the finale. It’s been three months and they are dealing with the emotional aftermath of the events at the Tower.

Billy Burke and David Lyons spoke with reporters about where their characters find themselves to begin season 2. And, despite their comments, Miles and Monroe definitely do not find themselves in bed together. The speculation provides some laughs. Make sure to watch the end of David Lyons’ interview for an extra special mustache twirling conclusion.

Check out the full video interviews and highlights.

Billy Burke interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Looking forward to “bigger, better, faster” in season 2.
  • “It will be a deeper, darker show.”
  • Some of the nuclear bombs did hit and they are carrying that with them. The characters don’t know the full extent of what happened. 
  • The characters are “split into pockets” in different locations.
  • “We find Miles and Monroe in bed.” He’s joking … unfortunately?!
  • Miles and Monroe are not together, he’s with Rachel, Charlie, and Aaron still together. They quickly separate.
  • Miles and Rachel are in the “same vicinity” but there’s nothing romantic going on.
  • Burke doesn’t know if Charlie is Miles’ daughter or not, but that would give them something to play with if it happened.
  • Miles has his sword back right away. “It’s like being a kid running around in the woods with a stick. It’s good stuff.”
  • Burke would not want to go a weekend without electricity, “My idea of camping is a bad hotel.”
  • Now, it’s a period of re-evaluation. Last season, they fought for a lot of things and then wondering what it was all for.
  • Miles’ sense of family – “it’s still an enormous anvil to him. It’s a big backpack full of shit that he doesn’t want to carry around.” The question for the season is whether he’ll empty some of it or take on more.
  • The writers are influenced by the actors’ performances and take ideas from that while giving them input as well.

David Lyons Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • At the beginning of season 2, Monroe has lost everything. Lost power, friends, dignity and stability.
  • Monroe’s “not a drunkard, but a bit of a loner in a traveling carnival of sorts fighting for coin in a whore house. That’s how it changes.” 
  • “It’s a brothel. A place where the ladies of the night reside.”
  • In Season 1, “I think he was alone at the top of the hill. … he was holding on for deal life and destroying everyone and everything around him to hold on.” 
  • “Now he doesn’t need that. I think everyone on the show is obsessed with power, I don’t think he is. He’s obsessed with the yearning for family and love and the need to be protected.”
  • It’s been 3 months since the nuclear fallout, he’s reflected about his decisions over that time.
  • “We know that he can be psycho, but maybe he can be something else as well.”
  • Lyons hopes that Monroe will show more of his humanity this season.
  • Monroe may give up on his beef with Miles of wanting to know why he destroyed their relationship. In season 1, Miles’ explanation that Monroe went to far was enough.
  • Monroe “holds a deep deep affection for Miles and for what they had as a brother. The nature of that relationship will change when they meet.”
  • Monroe’s driven by love, not sexual, but that for family.
  • Monroe wasn’t about a drive for power. He didn’t want power for power’s sake. It was darker and more emotional.
  • Monroe and Miles bond is not a sexually based, but one of two close brothers. It has nothing to do with that, but their bond isn’t understood by others.

Revolution season 2 premieres Wednesday, September 25 at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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