After a second live double eviction on Big Brother 15, we’re down to the Final 5. Amanda and Elissa were both evicted in a rather stunning display of dominance and strategic deception from the Exterminators, especially Andy.

Not only did Andy flip on Amanda and vote her out, but he was able to convince both Amanda and McCrae that Elissa was the one who did it, AND he convinced Elissa that McCrae somehow voted to evict his own girlfriend. Sure, Elissa has to be pretty damn gullible to have believed that, but kudos to Andy for the lie.

With six women in the jury house and McCrae as outgoing HoH, the four members of the Exterminators faced off to win another HoH (or in the case of Spencer, his first).

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Spencer is the new HoH! This is his first time as HoH, so good for him. It’s also the first time all season that two men have won the HoH back-to-back. It’s also the fourth straight competition win for a man, which follows five straight wins by women. It sounds like it involved building puzzles involving past HGs and featured one HG being eliminated in each round. Andy was out first, followed by Judd.

UPDATE: As a result of the HoH, there will be punishments and rewards. McCrae and GinaMarie will be tied together with a friendship bracelet for 24 hours. Judd has to do various exercises (like 50 jumping jacks) whenever a whistle blows over the speaker. In addition, Andy will get the opportunity to win up to $5,000, possibly in one of those money chambers..

Spencer’s first HoH win means the Exterminators are all tied up. Each of them has now won two competitions. He’s also the sixth person to win both an HoH and a PoV this season, joining McCrae, Andy, Judd, Elissa and Aaryn. The record for a single season is seven people winning at least one of each (which was done in seasons 3 and 9), and this year can tie that record if GinaMarie wins one of the two remaining Power of Veto competitions.

Spencer’s win also means everyone left has won at least one HoH competition, and that everyone who finished in the Top 6 won at least one HoH. That has happened four times before, in seasons 3, 6, 9 and 11. In fact, in seasons 3 and 9, everyone in the Top 8 won at least one HoH. Amanda is the only HG this season who finished in the Top 9 without winning an HoH.

At this point, winning HoH only means Spencer is in the Top 4, and his nominations are largely irrelevant. The Exterminators have already talked extensively about needing to make sure McCrae doesn’t win the Power of Veto so they can evict him, which is probably the smart move. He’s a nice guy without a ton of blood on his hands, so he could most likely beat anyone in the finale thanks to a bitter jury (and Amanda campaigning in the jury house for him to win).

Spencer has already said that McCrae will be one of his nominees, but the Exterminators will have to choose the other. He also told Andy that he is definitely safe and won’t even go up as the replacement nominee, so it’s only between Judd and GinaMarie.

This is going to be a shortened week as the eviction will air Wednesday. Typically that means the actual eviction will take place on Tuesday and the live feeds will then be down until after Wednesday’s show. This way they can start to have the Final 4 HoH and PoV competitions since that eviction will air Thursday.

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