Andy’s reign of boring-ness on Big Brother 15 finally comes to an end tonight. The super floater won HoH and PoV and promptly decided to make the polar opposite of a big move, nominating Jessie for the fourth time and Spencer for the fifth time.

Now one of them will be evicted (spoiler alert: it’s gonna be Jessie) and a new HoH will be crowned. That’s the exciting part, since the entire focus of this week has been next week.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

Julie Chen says that, because of last week’s double eviction, “anything can happen.” Umm, no.

I appreciate the voice-over guy’s snark, saying that Andy “ratted out” Helen to McCrae and Amanda. See, even he hates Andy’s game.

Jessie Blows Up Helen’s Game

Andy crows about how everybody is on board with blindsiding Jessie, they just need to keep it a secret so she won’t bother anyone this week.

The problem is that Helen and Elissa aren’t very good at keeping the secret because Jessie figures it out by how distant they’re acting towards her. She shares her fears with Andy. The rat then scurries over to Helissa to warn them about Jessie’s doubts.

Helen acts indignant about Jessie doubting her, which is annoying because Jessie’s suspicions are correct. Helen then casually suggests to Aaryn that Jessie is the one who tried to get rid of Amanda.

Jessie pounces on this and accuses Helen of throwing her under the bus, questioning why she’s so distant. This leads to a fight with Jessie and Helen where, once again, Jessie is 100 percent right. Helen tries to deny any involvement in the plot to get rid of Amanda. This causes Jessie to try and blow up Helen’s game.

Jessie runs over to Amanda to tell her all about how Helen and Elissa were also involved in the plot to flip the house against Amanda. Amanda then brings Helen and Elissa into the fight just for fun.

Helen gets angry in order to try and save herself, which involves her announcing to Jessie and everyone else that Jessie is leaving this week.

The fight continues as Jessie tries to get Helen to confess what she did, but Helen refuses because she knows it’s not good for her game. Andy offers a great diary room where he admits that Jessie is 100 percent right and Helen is lying through her teeth. Man, Jessie is very good at blowing up Helen’s game, which is a little unfortunate since it means Amanda uses the word “glorious” again. That’s her go-to word to describe any situation.

Operation: Bringing Down the House

You know how Andy and everyone wanted to keep Jessie in the dark about going home to avoid a blow-up? Well, his fears were well-founded, because now that Jessie knows she’s going, she has nothing to lose and vows to take down Helen and Elissa at all costs.

Aaryn, Helen, Amanda and McCrae meet up to laugh about how everyone has been lying to Jessie all season. Unfortunately for them, Jessie is eavesdropping at the door.

Jessie tells Andy that she knows everything now, and he tries to act dumb. “What did you hear?” he asks. Oh Andy, you know exactly what she heard. This leads to my favorite HG of the season: Scorched-Earth Jessie!

She tells Spencer and GinaMarie all about what she heard and calls them all “despicable human beings” for what they said about her. Jessie then says Aaryn says a lot of bad things about GM, so Jessie’s plan is to blow up everyone’s games. Go, Jessie, go!

The plan works because GM is an easy person to wind up. GM explains to Aaryn what Jessie said, but she seems OK with dropping it. Aaryn gets upset about this and basically tells GM off. There’s a big, very uncomfortable fight as GM gets loud and in Aaryn’s face and Aaryn is upset about everything. GM then yells and wakes everyone up to inform the house about Aaryn yelling at her. GM is soooooooooo unstable and insane.

To be fair, Jessie is getting a pretty clean edit, because she did a lot of other bad things towards Helen and Elissa.

Julie and the House

Wow, Julie is definitely trying to stir up some drama by reading a fan question about how all of these unanimous votes are boring, so when are people going to stop doing what the house wants and start making big moves. Helen gives a diplomatic answer, but this will definitely cause everyone in the house to realize they need to start doing things because the status quo is boring to viewers. Since they don’t have the MVP to cause paranoia anymore, I guess Julie has to do it with pointed questions.

The Eviction

Jessie decides to be polite in her exit by staying positive and gracious. Spencer gives a shout-out to his brother who is turning 30 tomorrow. He’s running out of things to say in these speeches, he’s given so many in the past few weeks.

Amanda votes to evict…Jessie (she gets all bitchy about it and says “duh”)
McCrae votes to evict…Jessie
Aaryn votes to evict…Jessie
Helen votes to evict…Jessie (and she’s happy about it)
Elissa votes to evict…Jessie (unfortunately)
GinaMarie votes to evict…Jessie

Jessie is evicted 6-0!

This makes the third unanimous vote in a row. Yawn. Fun Fact: This is the fourth unanimous vote of the season. In the last two seasons, there were only two unanimous votes each. And last year those only came after they were down to the Top 6 and there were only three and two votes cast.

Jessie tells Helen she just wanted to make an impression and try to mix things up to stop the constant unanimous vote syndrome going on this season. It’s almost sad how Jessie seems to think she’s responsible for turning Amanda and Helen against each other. That train was leaving the station long before she chose to blow up Helen’s game.

Jessie promises that things will be awkward in the jury house with Judd since he was trying to get her out. Goodbye Messages: Amanda gets all cocky about how daring to go against her is the reason she’s gone. Andy claims he carried Jessie this far and has no more use for her. Ouch.

The HoH Competition

The stakes are pretty high, so naturally we get a Knockout competition where HGs must go head-to-head and the winner then picks the next two opponents. In other words, who you choose could reveal a lot about your strategy.

GinaMarie vs. Helen: GM wins. Boo!
Spencer vs. Elissa: Spencer wins. Double boo!
McCrae vs. GM: McCrae wins.
Spencer vs. Aaryn: Aaryn wins.
McCrae vs. Amanda: McCrae loses, Amanda wins.
Amanda vs. Aaryn: Aaryn wins.

Aaryn is the new HoH!

Sweet Jesus, NOOOOOO! Aaryn wins her FOURTH HOH IN 9 WEEKS! It took Janelle 10 weeks to win her four HoHs during All-Stars, and only four other people have ever won four HoHs: Ian, Rachel, Hayden and Drew, the winners from seasons 14, 13, 12 and 5. And they all had to win the final HoH to get there. No one has ever won five HoHs.

Also, I’d like to point out how this competition was a metaphor for the season, with everyone just letting Aaryn and Amanda get to the end. I just pray McCranda don’t get Aaryn to do their dirty work AGAIN by backdooring Helen.

Even Julie forgets Aaryn is at four HoHs and not three. She’s a little worried about having to get more blood on her hands.

SPOILER: After the live feeds came back, Aaryn said she tried to throw the competition, and I suspect McCrae did too. In other words, even when people try to let Amanda win, she can’t. This, of course, is causing her to cry.

A New Twist

Julie lets us know that a juror will come back into the game the next week. Candice, Judd, Jessie and whoever gets evicted next week will all compete to come back into the house as a player.

OK, it’s still dumb, but I’m happy it’s not America voting. Also, Judd is clearly the odds-on favorite at this point since Candice and Jessie are so bad at comps.

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