Boy, did this just get tricky.

Normally, I start out these America’s Got Talent prediction articles by listing the acts that won’t be moving on and then explaining why. But this time around, I was planning on starting with the two performers who, in my mind, distanced themselves far from the rest of the competition and are so deserving of advancement that it would be a travesty if any other acts were even considered over them.

Those performers are Timber Brown and Cami Bradley. 

But then, I did some reading around the web and found quite a bit of division on who people enjoyed the most. In fact, I disagreed with recapper Ted Kindig in some fashion on a whopping EIGHT acts. 

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We agreed that Tummy Talk was terrible, Cami Bradley is a potential star who is sure to reach the semifinals, the Robotix rocked out with their kick-ass drummer and shredding guitarist and SensEtion has a cool gimmick but a terrible act. 

For everyone else, there were varying levels of disagreement, ranging from mild disapproval to full-on love-hate discrepancies. 

For me, Timber Brown has been a top two act this season, and I wish I could already pencil him in for a spot in the finals. The guy straight-up wows me, and I think he’s a lunatic for trying the stunts he pulls off. But thankfully, he has Las Vegas written all over him whether he wins or not. Love this guy.

So despite America’s potentially split opinions, I have to trust my gut in my quest for a first-time four-for-four prediction. Which is good, because my predictions this week go against what I actually want to happen. Let’s break it down.

These acts are going home without dispute: Tummy Talk, SensEtion. 

These require a bit more explanation as to why:

In a show full of singers, Chloe Channell went early and didn’t compare to Cami Bradley. So she’ll get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully.

Champions Forever is an odd family act with unicycles and spinning basketballs and 12 kids, and while they’re talented, they didn’t up the ante enough to excite anyone.

3Penny Orchestra and Choir scares me, because I couldn’t be less of a fan. They’re great singers and musicians, but turning annoying pop music into annoying classical operatic music isn’t fun for me. So I find all the comments about how clever they are a bit troubling.

I also greatly enjoyed the Robotix and would love to see them advance, but they’re just not as good as some of the other acts. Also, bands just have not fared well in the competition thus far.

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That leaves four possibilities to join Cami Bradley and Timber Brown in the semifinals in my predictions, and I’m pulling for Aerial Ice and David Ferman. 

The former puts on an impressive and innovative spectacle, while the latter comes up with cool new ways to avoid potentially killing himself and for once made me not hate escape artists. 

Let’s give the kid another chance to work on his showmanship! He needs the money after he spent seven grand on all those tasers.

The other two contenders are quirky and awkward comedian Taylor Williamson, who I just don’t think has the material he should after a decade of work, and country coal crooner Jimmy Rose, who got the pimp spot and has a sweet voice. I thought his performance was good, but it didn’t hit me in the emotional way a song like that should.

In the end, I’m going to compromise. I’m sticking to my guns on Aerial Ice, but America just loves nerdy comics. So my predictions are Timber Brown, Cami Bradley, Aerial Ice and Taylor Williamson. Now chant it with me: Four for four! Four for four!

Which four acts do you think are moving on? 

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