Bri has fought and won her spot back into the MasterChef competition. Now the final seven continue to duke it out in the kitchen, knocking each of their fellow chefs out the doors.

Tonight, the chefs are made to run around the pantry and catch, yes, catch the bird they must prepare for the judges.

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“Soon the seven of you will become six and one of you will be walking out of the MasterChef kitchen forever,” Joe announces. The only way to assure that will not happen is to win the Mystery Box Challenge.

Mystery Box Challenge: The final seven have 45 minutes to prepare a T-bone steak along with other fresh produce, also provided by Walmart.

Jordan presents a strip steak with caramelized onions and fried squash. “Absolutely spot on,” says Gordon.

Lucca is acheiving a higher level of cooking, showing off his steak in two different ways. Not only do the judges admire his stepping up to the plate, no pun intended, but the flavors are all there.

Surprisingly, Krissi is called up last with her pan seared steak. “I think you found your voice in cooking,” Graham says. 

Winner: Krissi

Is anyone else staring at their television wide-eyed? Wow! Even Jordan mentions that he thought Lucca would have won. Oh, well. It’s off to the pantry with Krissi now.

Krissi gets to play ‘What Bird Will They Cook?!’ She stands before six different and very alive and kicking birds who are to be assigned to the other chefs. Poor Bri. 

Quail – Jordan

Pigeon – Bri

Pheasant – Natasha

Chicken – Jessie

Duck – James

Turkey – Lucca

As each of the chefs scurry about the pantry, Krissi stands above in the gallery cackling like a witch. Seems fitting enough. Thankfully, these birds are safe and are put back into their cages. The not-so-alive birds have been set on the chefs’ cutting boards. They now have 60 minutes to butcher their birds and prepare a five star restaurant worthy dish.

Jessie’s pan seared chicken breast falls flat and far below expectations. “This looks like something we eat at the family reunion with Skynyrd playing in the background,” says Graham. Harsh!

Natasha’s pheasant breast surprises Krissi by being cooked perfectly, according to Joe. “Krissi, I think your plan’s backfired!” yells Gordon.

James’ togarashi rubbed duck earns him a “good job” from Graham.

Lucca’s pancetta wrapped turkey may not be a staple in his home country, but Joe likes it. 

Bri’s stuffed roast pigeon looks gorgeous and shows that she is learning from her time in the MasterChef kitchen. “I think that more people in this room should look out for you,” Joe says.

Jordan’s pan seared quail looks like he had no idea what he was doing. “I didn’t know how to cook it,” he says. It gets no better when Joe admits, “I don’t know what to do with this. It’s just all around confusion!

Winner: Natasha

She and Bri will be team captains in the next challenge. Sorry, Krissi!

Jessie and Jordan find themselves in the bottom two. 

Eliminated: Jordan

“Natasha. She can be a [expletive], but you can get away with being a [expletive] when you know what you’re doing,” he tells the judges. 

Next week on MasterChef the final six take over the kitchen. One by one, they show their leadership skills under Chef Ramsay’s tough supervision.

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Jilliane Johnson

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