Nobody cares about this week on Big Brother 15, not even the HGs or the editors. This episode has very little to do with what’s going to happen this week and everything to do with the future, as the HGs make deals for Final 3 and Final 4, and decide who should be evicted three weeks from now.

I hope this is hubris and that, like Icarus, the sun will eventually melt Amanda’s wings. But I have this sinking feeling she’s just going to coast to the finale and $500,000.

Nomination Fallout

Andy confirms that his plan is to get rid of Jessie because she’s coming after his allies, and he tells Spencer that this is the plan. Amanda agrees that her pet Andy did a good job. She stops short of patting him on his head and saying “Good boy” before giving him a treat.

Later, Andy lies to Jessie’s face saying he doesn’t want her gone and she’s not disposable, both of which are true.

It’s 3 A.M.

Amanda solidifies her Final 4 alliance with Andy, McCrae and Aaryn. They settle on the name “3 A.M.” after their initials. I’m disgusted with how complacent and cocky they are, but why shouldn’t they be? They’ve controlled everything so far. I feel like Amanda is already figuring out how she’s going to use her $500,000.

Helen Smells a Rat

Helen admits that she’s starting to smell something fishy with Andy because he wasn’t willing to make a big move. She decides to keep him close, but suspects that he’s closer to McCranda than he is to her and Elissa. She’s worried that if she doesn’t make a move on McCranda first, then they’ll come after her.

Cut to Andy telling McCrae and Amanda all about how Helen is sharpening her sword against them. Amanda decides they need to come after Helen sooner rather than later (like, next week), and that McCrae and Andy should make a fake Final 3 alliance with Helen in order to make sure she doesn’t put Amanda up against one of them.

H.A.M. Sandwich

McCrae puts Amanda’s plan into action by telling Helen that he can’t beat Amanda in the finale, so he might not be willing to automatically take her to the end. They agree Amanda is playing the best game and will definitely win if she reaches the end. He then suggests the Final 3 deal with Helen and Andy. I’m very annoyed that Helen seems to have fallen for it and thinks McCrae is actually waking up to the realization that he needs to cut Amanda loose. Even Andy is shocked that Helen is buying this fake alliance hook, line and sinker.

The Power of Veto Competition

Before the Power of Veto begins, McCrae comes up with a plan in case it’s the typical Stay or Fold counting competition. He wants Andy, Amanda, Elissa and Spencer to fold every time so Helen can win it by defeating Jessie. Everyone is on board except Spencer, who does not want to throw a Power of Veto competition when he’s nominated. Later, Amanda takes all of the credit for this plan.

Naturally, the PoV competition is EXACTLY what McCrae predicted. This is the problem with using the same challenges every season, because people figure out ways to game the system. First they used the MVP twist, now this PoV. It’s raising unfairness to an art form.

In the first round, everybody except Helen folds and she automatically gets a point. In the second round, everybody except Helen folds AGAIN and she automatically gets a second point.

In the third round, Helen AND Spencer both stay, and Spencer wins, knocking Helen out. Ha, I’m happy Spencer didn’t go along with the plan and throw the PoV to Helen. Now that the plan is dead, everyone is in it to win it.

Elissa explains that she’s great at math, then goes on a rambling speech about ratios that makes no sense at all, and I once went to school for my Ph.D. in mathematics. It’s on par with Ashley Iocco’s approach to this game last season.

In the fourth round, Andy wins a point and Amanda is eliminated. She’s furious that Spencer screwed up their plan. In the fifth round, Elissa wins a point and Jessie is eliminated.

Going into the final question, Andy, Spencer and Elissa are tied and whoever wins the last point wins the Power of Veto. Elissa folds in the final round and is automatically out. She feels like an idiot, but it didn’t matter because Andy wins and would’ve won anyway.

Andy wins the Power of Veto.

Andy thinks this proves he’s a force to be reckoned with in competitions. Um, to win HoH he only had to beat GinaMarie, Jessie and McCrae, and now he won a Power of Veto which involved plenty of cheating and collusion. He’s hardly the new Jeremy.

To Use or Not to Use

Amanda is furious that Spencer actually tried to win the Power of Veto and ruined her glorious plan (again, this was McCrae’s plan, not hers). This entitlement is disgusting, assuming everyone should just do whatever she wants. Worse, Spencer’s unwillingness to throw the competition has made people question him.

Jessie makes a pitch to Andy about using the Power of Veto to backdoor Amanda and change the game, thus making him the power player instead of letting others control the game. It’s cute how she thinks Andy can be reasoned with.

More Plans for the Future

Since this week is boring, we go to more plans for the future. Helen tells McCrae that Amanda could be a threat down the road, so instead of taking her to the Final 4, they might need to cut her at Final 6. McCrae takes this back to Amanda, who now realizes she just needs to get Helen out before that time comes. Amanda then collects the 3 A.M. alliance to talk about how they need to get rid of Helen at the first opportunity.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Oh yeah, I forgot, this week is still happening. Andy doesn’t use the Power of Veto, so Jessie and Spencer are still on the block and it really doesn’t matter which of them goes.

Spencer gets a little frisky during his plea, saying Andy hasn’t done anything intelligent all week, so why should he start now. It’s one of those “jokes” that isn’t really a joke, because he’s completely right.

The final diary room session of the episode turns my stomach, as Amanda gloats about how they’re gonna get rid of Helen next week. Or maybe Spencer. It depends on what she wants.

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